When getting home from a hard day’s work. Or just to make the most of a quiet Sunday to relax your body and mind.  In fact, any time is a good one to enjoy the benefits of the water and immerse yourself in a foam bath. We’d love you to spend a relaxing moment in the spa at one of our hotels… but if that’s not possible, don’t worry, here are a few tips for preparing the perfect relaxing bath at home.


To start with, the water temperature should be around 30ºC. This should be warm enough to relax the muscles and let your built up tension float away.


When you bathe, the heat of the water and steam opens your pores, making your skin more receptive to the properties of the oils.   You can choose a suitable oil according to your needs.  For a relaxing bath, we suggest lavender, pine or rosemary oil (rosemary also has healing properties). If you have aches and pains that need some relief, mint oil is ideal – it’s stimulating, refreshing and acts as a painkiller.  Eucalyptus oil and balsamic oil are also both very stimulating.


And to finish, some relaxing music and candles to create a warm atmosphere… then let yourself relax!