Founded as a colonial town in 1667, Paraty became famous for the gold discovered in its mines in the Minas Gerais mountains. The ensuing furore lasted until the end of the seventeenth century and left its mark on the city, which subsequently witnessed the coffee boom. However, it was not until the end of the last century that the city was reborn as one of the most beautiful natural and urban areas in the world. Lush vegetation abounds in the surrounding area thanks to its tropical climate, and the region is full of mountains, waterfalls and nature reserves.

Portuguese colonial architecture has been preserved in the old quarter of the city, recalling an era that the modern, industrializing Brazil seems to want to leave behind. Paraty is a small keepsake of the old Brazil that is also well worth a visit for its natural beauty.

With enviably preserved historical buildings, hardly touched for over 250 years, the cobbled streets, fort, Baroque churches and colonial streets, Paraty recalls a Brazil that has long since disappeared in other cities.

The old quarter is without doubt a favorite among tourists, with cars banned and only pedestrians allowed. Paraty has adapted to the times, with stores, bars and restaurants that respect the colonial style. The local government also organizes many cultural events, such as the Paraty Literature Festival.

Paraty also boasts several beaches – far too many reasons not to miss out, don’t you think?


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