It can be a little complicated organizing a trip to the Caribbean with all your friends. So why not bring the Caribbean to your home? Organize a themed party and enjoy a few hours of Caribbean flavor and heat.  With just a few touches of detail and a little imagination you can have a day you’ll never forget.  Here are a few ideas:


Colors everywhere: Prepare the table you’re going to use with attention to detail:  Cover it with a colorful blanket – perhaps lime green, pink or bright red.   Place pots of fresh tropical flowers – such as orchids – in the center.


Essential fruits and drinks: Place a bowl of tropical fruit punch on the table and serve in coconut shells. Don’t forget the cocktail umbrellas! And, of course, piña colada and mixes of margarita, lime juice, mint leaves, coconut milk and any kind of spirit that goes in a tropical drink…


No tropical party is complete without palm trees! Buy some plastic inflatable palm trees and place them around your house or on the patio. You can even throw in some beach balls for your guests to play with.


And why not bring the beach to your home? With a bit of sand and a couple of seashells, you can decorate a few corners to make sure every detail is taken care of.


And to top it all off, some music… now get those hips swinging! Create a salsa and bachata-themed playlist with groups like Tito Rojas, Juan Luis Guerra and Héctor Lavoe. No one will be able to sit still for long!