Gran Canaria, Canary Islands is the most densely populated island with 1,500km2 of surface area, and a population of around 900,000 inhabitants. It is known for the industriousness of its people and the commercial and seafaring focus of the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It so happens that the traditional points of entry into the island, port and airport, are located in the most urbanized and most arid part of the island respectively, which means that the wildlife of Gran Canaria is largely unknown.

The outstanding city beach of Las Canteras, protected from the open sea by a reef that runs parallel to the coastline, and the exotic beach of Maspalomas at the southern end of the island, with its dunes, lagoon and palm oasis, have captured much of the attention of visitors, eclipsing the interior of the island, which is full of beauty and culture.

Gran Canaria is a miniature continent, with a sampling of unusual landscapes amid an enormously diverse archipelago. UNESCO therefore decided to give the island the status of Biosphere Reserve, as a different and very particular microworld. Almost half of the geographical area of Gran Canaria has been included in the reserve, spanning six rural villages, which are linked to traditional activities.

The island is a theme park of the strange and magical flora of Macronesia. An open park that holds the treasure of plants and flowers that grew independently to the rest of the globe, which are the hallmark of this region. A natural world has been living enclosed here for centuries, in the midst of the changing contours of the island.

Local people are aware of the importance of the natural values of the island and use resources sustainably. For example, farmers use systems that optimize water consumption, the tourism industry is gradually moving towards more sustainable models and households consume less water than anywhere else in the European Union. There is also advanced legislation for land management and protection of natural areas.

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