The small fishing town of Tarifa has about 17,000 inhabitants, is located in the farthest southern corner of Europe and acts a as a balcony overlooking Africa, situated only 14 kilometers away. Tarifa welcomes about 100,000 visitors in the summer, who are attracted by its magnificent beaches of fine white sand and its many possibilities for leisure and adventure. The township has 35 kilometers of coastline, an extension that makes it possible to enjoy the sun and sea without the crowds in other tourist destinations on the peninsula.

Tarifa separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic. It is an ideal place to practice any marine sport that requires wind, because Tarifa has two winds, a strong warm wind coming from the west called the Poniente and another that is cooler and comes from southeast called the Levante.

The Poniente is ideal for kitesurfing, as it blows from the Atlantic Ocean (west). Its strength averages 2 to 5 Beaufort causing small waves and moderate temperatures.  In the summer it is most prevalent, and on warm sunny days you can find it more strongly in Valdevaqueros Bay due to the thermal effect of the coast. If you want to find the wind at its peak, you should go to the beach between 15:00 and 18:00, after which it drops suddenly and spectacularly. In winter it brings cold waves, and the equinoxes are the best times for surfers to catch waves.

The Levante comes from Africa (south) bringing warmth to the coast. It is a wind that blows from the land, hot and not producing waves, which makes it the favorite of windsurfers. Its strength is far superior to that of the Poniente, often blowing between 5 and 6 Beaufort both day and night, and it can last for weeks. The Levante wind is not ideal for kitesurfing as its strength guides you towards the sea, which makes it very dangerous.

Those are the two most famous winds in Tarifa, but they are not alone and there is one called ‘Viento Sur‘ which is highly anticipated by surfers. The ‘Viento Sur’, or south wind, blows fully landwards bringing big waves. It’s a sea wind that often blows at half hour intervals alternating with rain fronts.

When the sun sets, there is a general pause and everyone returns home to remove the salt and prepare to party. The old town of Tarifa is the core of the nightlife scene. For dinner, you can choose between taverns with typical Andalusian tapas, restaurants or fast food outlets. Then nightlife spots are flooded with people until the early morning.

If you discovered that your passion is to ride the waves with a sail or fly at the mercy of a particularly kite, Tarifa is the place to be. But if, on the contrary, your desire is to enjoy a few days relaxing on the beach and hiking, this location also offers interesting alternatives.

The old town has an array of idyllic spots. The layout of the streets and the walls surrounding it are of Muslim origin. Arches and colorful tiles adorn the facades of immaculately whitewashed houses. The Castle of Guzman el Bueno is the town’s main landmark. At its doors stands a large statue of King Sancho 4th, who conquered these lands. At his feet lies the fishing port and Chica beach, a cove frequented by locals. Then there is the beach of Los Lances, that starts at the outskirts of the city and extends to Valdevaqueros.


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