Have you ever flown long haul?  The truth is that on these kinds of flights, the hours definitely don’t seem to ‘fly by’. If you’re stuck on how to fill so many empty hours, then here are a few tips based on my experience. Of course, they’re not all suitable for everyone, but I’m sure that one or two will probably help to make your flight seem shorter.

In my opinion, an absolute must on any journey – and especially a long one – is a good book (and maybe even more than one!). But don’t make the mistake of picking up the first title that catches your eye; read up on the reviews beforehand, ask someone who shares your taste in literature and check out the latest book lists. Reading is a means of escape; it transports you to a different world and time will fly by without you even realising it. And if you’ve got an ebook, then you can take a load of reading matter with you!

Use the time to watch the films that are often shown during a flight. It’s time to put down that book and you’ll see how those 90 minutes or two hours the film lasts simply flash by! It’s also a good idea to take a laptop or iPad style gadget packed with the films or series your busy lifestyle prevents you from watching. You’re guaranteed hours and hours of entertainment. But don’t forget to make sure the battery is fully charged up first!

If you’re a fan of electronic games then you can also take advantage of the time to try that game you haven’t found the time for yet. You just won’t believe how fast time goes when you’re focused on winning the game!

Listen to your favourite music; give your trip a sound track, sit back, close your eyes and relax. With a bit of luck you might even fall asleep – one of the best ways of making time go faster.

A flight is also a great opportunity to chat and meet people – provided they’re receptive. Creating a warm and positive atmosphere is always a good idea, even with the cabin crew. Good conversation and making new acquaintances is another way of spending the time on a long haul flight.

Don’t remain seated throughout the flight; when you’re flying long haul, it’s a good idea to stand up and stretch your legs. Walking up and down the aisle will stop your muscles from going to sleep and also keeps you occupied.

If you need some help to get to sleep, many people find that a small glass of red wine helps them to drop off – but stick to just one; otherwise it may have the opposite effect!

I hope you find these tips useful the next time you fly!