Water is everything in the Amazon Jungle. During the rainy season, vast expanses of jungle are completely flooded by the water that overflows from the rivers, enabling the fish to feast on the fruits and seeds that are scarce on the riverbanks. When we talk about exploring the Amazon, we’re referring to sailing up a vast river and taking a canoe or small boat to explore the igarapésdeep narrow tributaries that wind their way into the jungle.

The native Indians often chose the banks of these calm sheltered waters to build their settlements. All human life is totally dependent on the river in these lands. And it’s for that reason that there’s no better way of discovering the ethnic, botanic, biological and human secrets of this vast, ominous yet fascinating jungle than by boat.

And one of the most thrilling activities we can enjoy whilst sailing on the Amazon is to go piranha fishing! Piranhas abound in the Amazon and they play a vital role as they feed on other sick or wounded fish, thereby preventing epidemics from spreading, although they also prey on healthy fish, frogs, birds and mammals. Piranhas are really only ever a danger to humans when food is scarce and they attack in a group; a solitary piranha can never cause as much devastation as we’re led to believe in some films. However, it must be said that their teeth are so menacingly sharp that they are used as arrow heads and their powerful jaws also serve as razor blades or scissors!

Piranha fishing is fun and satisfying as you don’t need to be experienced in order to catch them. Nor do you need sophisticated rods with reels; a simple rod with a line attached to it is more than enough. You have to find the right spot, throw in the bait (meat will do!) and you’ll be amazed how quickly they bite! Very often all you have to do is shake the rod in the water and a shoal of curious piranhas will rush to see what they can sink their teeth into!

And if your taste buds are eager for new culinary experiences, then you should try piranha soup. Salty and delicious, this is one dish you can’t let get away.

Fancy some fishing on the Amazon?


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