Did you know there are more than 5,000 islands in the Caribbean? To find the perfect Caribbean island for your Christmas holiday, you should start by deciding what you’d like to see and do. Although you’ll find sun and sand whichever one you choose, not all Caribbean islands are identical. And the same goes for the countries.

So what springs to your mind when you think of Christmas in the Caribbean? Do you picture a peaceful, relaxing and quite spot, or do you prefer active tourism in a place with lots of things to see and a lively nightlife? Or perhaps all you want to do is enjoy a few gentle strolls, a little retail therapy and discover treasures that you’d never see at home?

It’s worth taking your time to discover your ideal Caribbean destination. And to help you make up your mind, I’ve come up with a few ideas.

You could choose a destination like Cuba, which combines warm sunshine and the endless beaches of Varadero with long strolls around Havana, people-watching and taking in the colourful contrasts, colonial-style architecture and quirky cars that can be seen on the streets.

Or perhaps you’d rather learn to dance bachata and merengue on the vast beaches of the Dominican Republic, try your hand at countless water sports and discover its mouth-watering gastronomy.

If you have a passion for culture, nature and music, but are anxious not to miss out on fabulous beaches and a perfect climate, then Jamaica is just what you need. Its mountain peaks, more than 120 rivers, magnificent waterfalls and fine white sandy beaches form the perfect mix for a unique and thrilling holiday experience.

And if you’d like a combination of nature and history, then get away to Mexico this Christmas. Apart from the fabulous beaches that line the country’s coastline, the Mayan Riviera boasts stunning flora and fauna and one of the most admired ancient cultures, whose buildings are still dotted around the gorgeous Mexican landscape.


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