Get away from the cold with IBEROSTAR

Listen to Paul and picture yourself on a paradisiacal Caribbean beach – a world away from the freezing temperatures and icy winds blowing through your town. Leave your winter woollies behind and experience the pleasure of strolling barefoot along the fine sands of warm Caribbean beaches.

Just like Paul, you too can chill out on the shores of one of the world’s finest beaches in the Caribbean Sea, enjoying the IBEROSTAR way of life either alone or in the very best company, and have fun watching your friends and family turn a healthy shade of green.

Just think for a minute what you’d be doing if you were in Paul’s shoes. That’s right. You’d be having a fabulous holiday and enjoying the unique feeling that you’re the envy of your friends, family and acquaintances. And to make all this possible, here at IBEROSTAR we’ve come up with a campaign to let everyone know about the fabulous world of holidays with inclusive happiness. A 2.0 experience in which our guests share their thoughts, sensations, joy and love of life and fun with everyone

And to enable our guests to let everyone know about their unforgettable holiday experiences, IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has organised a professional production team that films guests as they have fun on vacation with their friends and family, etc. Once recorded, the video-message is sent to the people of the guests’ choice, whilst the stars of these fabulous vacation experiences get on with having the time of their lives in the world’s finest destinations. But there’s more: via their webcams, we also get to see the receivers’ reactions when they open their message from a dream destination.

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