Tunisia boasts some of the Mediterranean’s most spectacular beaches, and whatever time of year you choose to visit, you’ll be amazed by these stretches of golden sand, bathed by intensely blue waters and blessed with sunshine practically 365 days a year.

To the north you’ll be enchanted by a coastline of crystal-clear waters and beaches backed by lush vegetation and majestic mountains with sheer cliffs. The southern coastline forms a sharp contrast: here the fascination lies in the desert landscapes of the surrounding area.

Whichever beach you choose, Tunisia offers countless delightful spots where you can swim and dive with complete peace of mind. Many also offer the infrastructures necessary to try your hand at a wide range of water sports.

The beaches of Mahdia: Mahdia is a picturesque coastal city; indeed, its stunning beaches have turned it into a bustling holiday resort during the summer months. However, it is the ideal choice for a winter holiday, when the coastline regains its tranquil, laid-back pace.

The beaches of Hammamet: These are the best-known beaches in Tunisia, lying some 60 minutes’ drive from the capital. These superb stretches of fine white sands are bathed by warm waters. The wealth of marine life makes them particularly popular among lovers of scuba-diving.

The beaches of Monastir: Monastir is one of Tunisia’s most popular cities, offering a wide range of accommodation options. Its beaches are famed for their spectacular beauty. The city has an international airport where hundreds of flights land each day.

The beaches of Sfax: Sfax has one of the largest populations in Tunisia. It stands on an impeccably clean coastline and the surroundings are dotted with modern shopping malls. There is also a large number of accommodation options close to the beachfront.

The beaches of Tunis: Tunisia’s capital city is noted not just for being one of the most modern in the country and its wide range of hotels, but also for the beauty of its beaches. There is also an international airport situated just a few kilometres outside the city centre. La Goulette and Pedruchillo are two of the most highly-recommendable beaches in this area. The latter is considered to be an ecological centre of major importance due to the vegetation that surrounds it.

The beaches of Melloula: The city of Melloula stands on the border with Algeria. Its beaches include Serrat, which stretches out along the coast for 7 kilometres, making it one of the longest in Tunisia.  Melloula is also famous because its coastline is dotted with beaches of varying types: whilst some are rocky, others boast fine white sands. In addition to Serrat, in this region we also strongly recommend the beaches of Jebara and Berkoukech.

The beaches of Djerba: The Island of Djerba, situated off the east coast of Tunisia, is considered to be a prime tourist destination. This is due to the large number of hotel complexes that line its coasts. Djerba is also noted for its variety of shopping malls and because its beaches are suitable for scuba-diving and many other water sports. The best beaches on Djerba are Sidi Mahrez and Seguia.

Dejrba’s stunning beauty has inspired many of the great poets, including Homer, who described it as the island of ten thousand palm trees. It is easy to see why this writer was captivated by the island, and we guarantee that you too will be enchanted by its fabulous year-long climate and amazing beaches of fine white sand.

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