The Best way of keepinf fit

Eager to burn off those calories after a delicious meal in the gourmet restaurant? Or tone up those muscles after dancing the night away in the theatre to the finest classic tracks and sounds of today? Or get that body moving after long, leisurely hours enjoying a good book on one of the best beaches in the world? Or simply dying to get away from it all by enjoying some rowing in the vast blue waters of the unique Caribbean Sea?

Whatever your reason, share the moment with Steve and stop to think for a moment what you’d do if you were in his shoes. And to make it even easier, IBEROSTAR has come up with a campaign to promote the fabulous world of holidays with happiness included. A 2.0 experience in which our customers share their opinions, sensations, joy, their love of life and having a great time with everyone.

And so that our guests can include everyone in this unforgettable experience, IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has organised a professional production team that films guests as they have fun on vacation with their friends and family. Once recorded, the video-message is sent to the people of the guests’ choice, whilst the stars of these fabulous vacation experiences get on with having the time of their lives in the world’s finest destinations. But there’s more: via their webcams, we also get to see the receivers’ reactions when they open their message from a dream destination.

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