Whether you’re looking for a relaxing break sunbathing on the beach or the thrills and spills of surfing, the beaches of Morocco are guaranteed to satisfy your wishes. Morocco boasts miles and miles of clean, unspoilt beaches bathed by the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. From Saïdia to Tangier, the Mediterranean coast alone has 120 beaches, and there are a further 238 from Tangier to Essaouira and 54 from Agadir to Dakhla.

The Atlantic coast, ideal for water sports

If you’re keen to indulge in some surface water sports, then head for the magnificent Atlantic coast. The bay of Dakhla and Agadir are the perfect choice for lovers of wind-driven sports. The trade winds blow from late March to mid September, making this the perfect season to travel to this bay to enjoy windsurfing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing or surfing, safe in the knowledge that the waves will rise to the occasion!

The city of Agadir lies on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, bounded by Essaouira and Marrakech as well as the Atlantic Ocean. The 7 kilometre long beach, with its golden sands, crystal-clear waters and spectacular sunsets, draws thousands of tourists each year. They come to enjoy the endless possibilities this beach has to offer; in addition to the water sports listed above, it also has excellent inland sporting facilities such as tennis courts and golf courses.

Watching the sun setting over the beaches of Morocco is a truly breathtaking experience, with golden sandy beaches in the foreground, the calm waters of the Atlantic behind them and the magnificent sun at dusk in the background. An unforgettable sight that will remain fixed in the mind’s eye of everyone with even just a touch of sensitivity.

The Mediterranean coast, calm waters bathing cliffs set in stunning natural landscapes.

The Mediterranean coast is ideal for underwater fishing (for grouper and other Mediterranean species), as well as for scuba diving. Between Tangier and Al Hoceima the sea is kinder and calmer, and the beaches are more secluded. Some are close to traditional fishing villages set against paradisiacal backdrops. The beaches of Tetouan include Martil, Cabo Negro (a stunning beach which also has the added attraction of Cabo Negro Lighthouse, situated a kilometre away, with spectacular views of the sea) and Costa de los Ghomara (a quiet and secluded area that stretches as far as the mouth of the Oued Laou and the magnificent beach of Targhan), and Playa Quemado, one of the finest in Morocco.

Saïdia deserves a special mention. It is known as the Blue Pearl of the Mediterranean because in addition to the beauty of its coastline it also enjoys a particularly mild microclimate in winter. Lying opposite the border with Algeria, visitors can stroll among the mimosas and eucalyptus trees that line the beach, sunbathe freely and especially bathe in the turquoise waters that have an immediate calming effect. Saïdia is set to become one of the Mediterranean’s most popular spa destinations.

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