The Canary Islands in general, and Tenerife in particular, boast landscapes of truly breathtaking beauty that are impossible to find anywhere else in the world. A host of shifting settings of extraordinary visibility that make up a priceless resource for both local residents and the millions of tourists that visit the island each year.

It is impossible to offer an impassive, objective description of these landscapes, quite simply because the thoughts and sensations we experience on observing or conjuring them up in our minds become part of them. Yet here we will try to give you some idea of the natural wonder that is the scenery of Tenerife.

Tenerife is an authentic miniature continent…and much more besides. The most outstanding feature of this island’s geography is the surprising contrast between North and South. The more humid North is painted many shades of green, whilst the much drier and sunnier South is tinged with reddish hues.

Having been formed by a series of immense volcanic eruptions, part of the island’s landscape can only be described as ’lunar’, especially in the Teide National Park.

You must first make your way up to Las Cañadas, which is only accessible by car. Halfway up the Teide, you will come across the highest town in Spain, Vilaflor. Perched 1,400 metres above sea level, this is a quiet spot surrounded by pine and almond trees, and characterised by its magnificent traditional Canary Island architecture, including the picturesque parish church.

Continuing along the mountain road you will eventually come to the National Park and the start of the breathtaking lunar landscape. You are suddenly surrounded on all sides by extraordinary rock formations and a weird and wonderful landscape unfolds before your very eyes.

The island’s rugged relief and variety of climates give rise to an authentic mosaic of settings. The factors that converge to create this range of microclimates are also the origins of this fabulous mix of perspectives, colours, aromas and panoramic views that will surprise and delight at every turn as you make your way around the island, giving you the distinct feeling that in just a few kilometres you have been transported to a different land, even a different continent.

The Anaga mountain range forms the backbone of the island, topped by the subtropical laurisilva forest, a relic leftover from the prehistoric age that has found its final refuge in the archipelago.

You will also find seemingly inaccessible ravines; several of outstanding beauty and where time seems to have stood still, such as El Infierno – ‘Hell’s Gorge’. And then there are the beaches: with black sand in the North, but classically golden in the South. Palm trees line the seashore along the coast, from San Juan de la Rambla to La Isla Baja.

Other settings boast subtropical valleys, such as Orotava, or pine forests and the mists that settle over the medianías or midlands, covering everything with a white blanket – an authentic sea of clouds.

So it is only natural that when speaking of Tenerife, we refer not to just one, but  to a countless number of endless, contradictory and captivating landscapes.


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