Jamaica is quite simply a stunning country; a captivating island that offers visitors countless natural wonders and outdoor activities to suit all tastes. It is famed the world over for its musical culture based on reggae and its greatest star, Bob Marley. The number of musical rhythms that have originated on this island is quite staggering if you consider its relatively small size (240 km long and just 80 km wide) and its population of just 11 million; reggae, ska, dub and rocksteady are some of the most important. And naturally, all these musical styles emerged against the backdrop of Jamaica’s magnificent beaches, as they all have a beat that blends in perfectly with the beach.

Jamaica boasts several truly stunning beach areas. One of the most outstanding is Ocho Ríos, home to two of Jamaica’s finest beaches: Turtle Beach and Mallard Beach. There’s also the legendary James Bond Beach, which owes its name to the fact that the creator of this world-famous character, Ian Fleming, lived there for a time. It was also the location where classic scene from Dr. No, in which the gorgeous Ursula Andrews emerged from the water in that stunning bikini, was filmed. Visitors to Ocho Ríos will also find Dunn’s River Beach, where Dunn’s River flows into the Caribbean and where you can walk under the falls that mark this meeting point between river and sea.

Negril is another of Jamaica’s best-known tourist attractions. This exotic place is one of the most famous in the country as some years ago it was a favourite spot amongst the hippy community. Today, unspoilt beaches form a wild setting that makes you feel at one with nature.

Boody Bay is one of the area’s principal beaches, and the ideal choice for listening to reggae music whilst relaxing on the beach. The superb Long Bay Beach is also well-known: 11 kilometres of fine white sands bathed by turquoise waters that are so transparent that they reveal the coral reefs beneath.

Blue Lagoon Beach is Jamaica’s most famous natural lagoon; it was here that the film of the same name – The Blue Lagoon – starring Brooke Shields was made. Lying east of Port Antonio, the most outstanding feature of this lagoon is that the colour of the water changes depending on the angle of the sun, shifting from one shade of blue to another. The fabulous beach that surrounds it is backed by lush vegetation, forming a truly paradisiacal landscape.

Jamaica is renowned as a land of limitless liberty and freedom. Its brightest star is undoubtedly Montego Bay, nestling in a vast crescent-shaped bay, and the site of world-famous beaches such as Doctor’s Cave, Walter Fletcher or Cornwall Beach.

Doctor’s Cave Beach is not only the region’s social hub, but its crystal-clear waters are also believed to have special healing properties. From here, glass-bottomed boats take visitors on trips to admire the underwater coral gardens. This is one of the island’s finest natural beaches and the perfect starting point from which to explore the northern region: undulating landscapes dotted with golf courses, pools in all shapes and sizes, narrow twisting streets and transparent calm waters that lap gently onto dazzlingly white sands.

Walter Fletcher is a quiet beach in Montego Bay, ideal for families travelling with lots of children. It naturally boasts stunning white sands, yet its most important feature is the calm water, making this a safe beach for families with small children. The Aquasol Park is another attraction, when fun and laughter are guaranteed all afternoon long.

Cornwall Beach is a lively, bustling beach, perfect for meeting new people and having a great time with the family or group of friends either on the beach or splashing about in the sea. It also has lots of eating options including a wide range of dishes and prices.

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