A little envy is harmless enough. The kind of envy you experience when you enjoy seeing others having a great time. The kind of envy that makes you want to explore, discover, experience, enjoy and savour. The kind of envy we all feel when we hear Canadians Kiefer and Michelle telling us about their vacation experience from the IBEROSTAR Quetzal in Mexico or when Michael gives his passionate vision of the culinary delights on offer at the IBEROSTAR Costa Dorada as he hugs his kids.

We enjoy seeing others enjoy themselves; after all, we want only the best for ourselves and those we love. And that is what the campaign that reveals IBEROSTAR’s marvellous world of vacations is all about. A 2.0 experience in which our guests share their thoughts, sensations, joy and happiness with everyone.

And to make all this possible, IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has organised a professional production team that films guests as they show their friends and family what a great time they are having on vacation. Once recorded, the video-message is sent to the receivers, whilst the stars of these fabulous vacation experiences get on with having the time of their lives in the world’s finest destinations. But there’s more: via their webcams, we also get to see the receivers’ reactions when they open their message from a dream destination.

More info at iberostarconnection.com