Majarete is a typical dessert in the Dominican Republic, although it’s also popular in other Latin American countries.  The principal ingredient is ‘corn’ and the original, rustic version consists of grated corncobs mixed with cow’s milk, grated or shredded dried coconut milk  and sweet spices such as cinnamon, allspice, sweet cloves or nutmeg, although these latter two are stronger and can give the majarete a bitter taste if too much is added.


• 1 Coconut

• 1 cup of cornflower

• 1 cup of milk

• 1 tin of condensed milk

• 2 cups of warm water

• 250g of sugar

• 1 whole cinnamon stick

• Cinnamon powder and salt to taste


1. – Peel the coconut, removing the black rind until you obtain the white coconut flesh

2. – Cut the coconut flesh into pieces and blend it with a cup of warm water before straining to remove the milk.

3. – Remove what’s left in the colander and blend and strain again with the other cup of warm water to obtain two cups of milk.

4. – Dissolve the cornflower in the last cup of milk obtained from the coconut flesh, liquidise the flour and dissolve it in two cups of cow’s milk.

5. – Place on a low heat and add the cinnamon stick and salt.

6. – When it comes to the boil add the sugar, salt to taste and the first coconut milk.

7. – Leave it on the heat for approximately 15 minutes until it looks like a creamy atole drink.

8. – Pour into shallow moulds and allow to set.

When cold, sprinkle finely with cinnamon powder.


Photo |Carol Dandelion234