Chaotic squares, colorful souks and elaborate mosques often come to mind when you think of Morocco. The North African country is almost always associated with spices, waterpipes, traditionally Arabic culture, and nomadic Berbers. Fort he uninitiated, it almost represents an enigmatic land lost in time.

But if you dig alittle deeper, you’ll find that there’s much more to Morocco beyond the deserts, markets and riads. While these are important reminders of Morocco’s past, its present is starkly different – the country now boasts vibrant urban vibes in its major cities, rich café culture, and most of all, an explosive fashion scene.

Morocco’s New Fashion Era

No longer is the traditional djellaba a fashion statement –  these days you can often spot young fashion-forward Moroccans dressed to the nines, adorning the latest in fashion from head to toe.

Laila Azhar is one of the most popular Moroccan fashion designers at the moment – the force behind this fashion wave that has swept through Morocco. Born in Morocco, Laila had moved to the United States at the age of five, spending her childhood between Morocco and Washington. Her interest in fashion design started during her modeling career and after graduating, she launched her own label, which was immediately well received by experts around the world.

Laila’s contemporary designs are created with the sophisticated and independent women in mind.  Today, she is one of the biggest names in Hollywood and her dresses are worn by celebrities like Taylor Swift, Lucy Liu and Khloe Kardashian.

Fashion is now a big part of Morocco and if you’re keen to discover more about fashion when visiting the Iberostar Hotel in Morocco, be sure to check out the boutiques in Marrakech or downtown Rabat. With a beautiful blend of traditional Arabic styles and modern Western designs, these new fashion brands in Morocco will sure to entice you.