Andy Garcia, one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, is best known for his portrayal of legendary mobster roles – such as those in Godfather Part III and Oceans Eleven. wonder where he got that cool mobster attitude? The suarve and charming actor has his Cuban heritage to thank.

Born in Cuba, Andy uprooted to the United States with his family when he was five. Due to an illness in high school, he ditched his dreams of playing basketball professionally for a career in acting. He started acting in university and upon graduation, he moved to Hollywood and achieved success rather quickly. Although Andy has never been back in Cuba, he remains proud of his roots.

Once here in Cuba, it’s easy to see why. Cuba is a country rich in tradition, and packed with unexplored beaches, mountains and virgin forests. For first-time visitors, a trip to the Cuban capital, Havana, is essential. Wander through psychedelic Che Guevara murals and see vintage Cadillacs whizz by in old town Habana Vieja; stroll along the beachfront malecón and take in the laidback vibes.

Then continue to Viñales, a quiet town characterized by calm streets and relaxing vibes. This is an excellent place to get a peek of the rural Cuban lifestyle and make a local friend or two.  For some adventure, head on to Pico Turquino, Cuba’s highest mountain, to thoroughly soak in the natural beauty of Cuba. Start your trek from Alto del Narango near la Plata until you read Las Cuevas, where you’ll be greeted by the turquoise coastline that hug this mountain.

Finally wind down in Varadero, home to some of the most popular beaches in Cuba. The setting is magnificent and the atmosphere sensual. A stay at the Iberostar Varadero would be the best way to end your journey through Cuba.

Photo | dneuman

Varadero is home to some of the most popular beaches in Cuba.  A stay at the Iberostar Hotels & Resorts hotel would be the best way to start your journey.