Sveti Stefan

The high speed train passes through the stunning Montenegro landscapes as it heads to the coast for the movie’s climax. James Bond is off to the casino, about to engage in a thrilling game of poker where millions of dollars will be won and lost. Bond very nearly dies (of course) but survives and manages to win a handsome sum of money.

Casino Royale

Back in 2006 when the latest James Bond film was released few people had heard of Montenegro. A newly-formed country, this tiny mountainous state had formed as a result of the lengthy break-up of the old Yugoslavia. Thanks to the adventures of 007 Casino Royale raised the awareness of Montenegro to millions of people and in doing so crafted an image of impossibly beautiful scenery, dramatic mountain-hugging roads and majestic castles.

It was a remarkable achievement, especially since the movie producers managed it without filming a single scene in Montenegro!

Given the limited resources available in Montenegro for movie production it was decided to use the Czech Republic as a stand-in filming location.

Montenegro Scenery

Those thinking of visiting Montenegro need not worry that given such deception the country may not be as beautiful as they were led to believe. Given its tiny size Montenegro packs in far more than its fair share of dramatic landscapes. You can enjoy sun, sea and sand in the resorts along the Adriatic sea and a couple of hours later be hiking in the wilderness of some of Europe’s most spectacular mountains.

The Montenegro Coast

Budva is one of the most popular resorts with a fusion of the historic old town and plenty of modern bars and restaurants. It is also well placed for those wishing to visit the picture perfect walled city of Kotor, set in one of the most beautiful bays in Europe.

It is around Budva that 007 came to gamble with the money of the British Intelligence Service. While we now know that Daniel Craig did not actually get anywhere near Budva, if you take a look at some of the very stylish resorts and restaurants in and around the town you’ll soon agree that James Bond would have felt very much at home here.

Photo | pellaea