Oaxaca Mexico

The rain did not stop the crowds from invading the main streets of Oaxaca, México, as they danced to the rhythm of the orchestra with such joy you’d think their traditional cotton and straw costumes, typical of the town, weren’t getting soaked. Nothing was going to stop the giants, or the dances, or the wooden bulls packed with firecrackers that went off like fireworks in motion.

Nor did the tequila or mezcal stop flowing. Homemade bottles were opened and all were welcome. If you didn’t have a glass, they gave you one, and amidst the crowds, there was always someone who made sure it was full. Nothing could prevent you from participating in the happiness and smiles. Corn cakes were handed out and the Mexican music went on, until dawn said “enough.”

Street Party Capital of Mexico?

People say Oaxaca is constantly celebrating. It is. Every week there’s some excuse to have a festival, with people going out into the streets and sharing what little they have with everybody. Oaxaca de Juarez, the small capital city of the province of Oaxaca, is brimming with beautiful nooks and corners, but its true charm lies within its genuine, unassuming people who, no matter where you hail from, make you feel at home.

Photo | Ignacio Izquierdo