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If you are traveling as a family, the Miniclub, Maxiclub and Teenclub organize specific activities for 4 to 17 year olds. Fun and games all day long, from morning to night. The professional entertainers organize activities adapted for

kids: games on the beach and in the pool, competitions, art and crafts… In addition, the Premium Gold hotels in the Caribbean and Canary Islands boast spectacular water parks which will delight the little ones.

On your vacations, in addition to all the relaxation in the world, you need an active aspect in which fun, leisure and adventure become the protagonists. Along these lines, the entertainment staff of IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts design varied entertainment programs for activities throughout the day, as well as magnificent shows to enliven your evenings.

While your children are having a blast, you can enjoy the countless leisure and entertainment options that the hotel places within your grasp. Live music, dance, professional shows, sports activities and many more surprises with which to complete a most enjoyable stay.

One of the main attractions of IBEROSTAR hotels are the sports and excursions, which have exclusive and complete programs such as Star Fit & Fun and Star Action. Lovers of sports will find a healthy selection of options ranging from all sorts of water and beach sports to horse riding, mountain biking, Nordic Walking, shooting, tennis, fitness programs and a list of activities that goes on and on.



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The Charming Coatí

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coatí enjoy

Iberostar Playa Paraíso is the home to various species of animals, but to highlight one little, funny and intelligent animal… It is not a bear, nor a monkey, and definitely not a cat, it is a little mammal called “Nasua” or coatí.

Nasuas or badgers inhabit America, from the south of the United States to the provinces of the south of Uruguay and Argentina.

These small animals have short limbs with strong claws that allow them to dig through very hard earth floors, elongated and pointed snout that gives them an excellent sense of smell, relatively large eyes and short ears.

They are mainly diurnal animals, retiring at night to a specific tree, to start its work in search of food at dawn. They develop in a family group of around 25 usually related females, and their offspring. Males only join the group when mating season comes and for the rest of the year they live alone.

Females build a nest in the branches of trees, hollow trunks, between the roots of a tree or bush, and there they give birth once a year to between 2 and 6 young, after a gestation period of 65 to 70 days. The young remain in the nest for around 6 weeks, when the mother and child are incorporated back into the group.

During the food search, a pair of nannies take charge to look after the young, meerkats also do this.

These animals are omnivores, they integrate fruits, insects, larvae, crabs, snails, small vertebrates like frogs, snakes, birds and small mammals into their diet.

Nasuas are very sociable and funny animals, but do not stop being wild.

When you stay with us, we recommend you do not touch or pet them, and try to maintain a little distance. Although the nasuas and other animal come near to beg for food, do not feed them. Our food alters their diet and behavior, which is harmful for their health and the balance of the local ecosystem.



Did you know that the word coatí in Guarani* means ‘elongated nose’, from coá -’long’-, and tî -´nose´-?

MED_Budapest en familia

Budapest, in addition to being a beautiful city, is very accessible and you can practically see it all on foot. In addition to its countless museums, buildings and landscapes, it boasts many spaces which make it a capital which is worth experiencing as a family, even for the little ones!

Children love parks and Budapest has several, like the Városliget Park, for example, the city’s most popular one and an ideal spot to relax after a morning exploring the city. In winter you can ice skate, but that is not the only attraction for kids, as inside it there is a zoo, a circus and an amusement park, in addition to some amazing baths and a castle which looks like something out of a fairytale! Budapest is one of the few cities which can boast of having a permanent circus, The Great Circus, where you can enjoy some spectacular performances featuring animals. It is located in the Public Park and is open all summer, while in winter it tours the rest of Europe.

Budapest’s Amusement Park is more than 150 years old and continues to be one of the favorite locations of children thanks to its roller-coasters, ferris wheels, bumper cars, games of skill and agility, as well as a Planetarium and the Interactive Science Games House.

Lovers of animals and nature will enjoy the spectacular Botanical Garden and Zoo. A unique place, not just for its buildings but also one in which to enjoy native species from all over the world which live in a state of semi-freedom. In addition, there are activities, workshops and specific itineraries for the little ones. They will also love the city’s Aquarium, which houses tropical species of fish, birds and reptiles. The funnest part is the transparent tunnel. Exploring it is like taking a trip down to the bottom of the ocean and gazing at the fish, just a few centimeters away.

The Millenáris Park is another of the top picks for children as many activities hide away inside, including a puppet theater. They will also love Strandok Park, a fun water park in which you can choose between all sorts of swimming pools, some of them themed and featuring children’s characters, and there are also hot springs for the adults.

You will see as you explore the city just how much the little ones enjoy a visit to the stunning Buda Castle, one of the city’s most significant symbols, or a short boat trip up the Danube between Buda and Pest, making a stop off at Margarita Island, known as the island of rabbits!

A trip they are sure to remember for the rest of their lives!


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Copacabana is probably one of the most famous beaches in Brazil and, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say, in world as well. But what is it that makes this beach so famous? For starters, it is one of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the wonderful city which is home to Christ the Redeemer, the symbol of all of Brazil. But in addition to this, Copacabana is a wide, 4-kilometer-long beach, framed by the hills of Rio de Janeiro and to which millions of Brazilians flock to enjoy what Brazilians, and men in particular, enjoy most: beach, sun, beer and beautiful women in bikinis.

Copacabana is one of the most popular beaches in Brazil and therefore possesses all the infrastructure necessary to look after so many visitors. Restaurants, pubs, street sellers, endless beach volleyball courts, and an incomparable whirlpool make Copacabana the New York of beaches, where it all happens, where the natives socialize, mingle and enjoy the beauty of their waters.

Immersed in the rhythm of samba, Copacabana is the ideal beach to meet and come into contact with the Brazilians. What is more, of course, when the sun sets or when it is very strong, you can explore all the tourist attractions that Rio de Janeiro has to offer: Christ the Redeemer, the Botanical Garden, the mythical Maracanã stadium and much more.

When night falls, Copacabana has a great offer of nightclubs and pubs which mix local music with international tunes, ensuring that the fun continues until the small hours and making Copacabana one of the most renowned beaches in Brazil.


Tip: Singers of the sweet and sensual bossa nova come and go in the simple little Copacabana bar Bip Bip. Their captivating harmonies slide under the tables from outside while the local legends gather for improvised jam sessions. Bip Bip: 50 Rua Almirante Gonçalves, Copacabana.


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This year marks the 85th birthday of Popeye, the lovable sailor man, infatuated with Olive, who became invincible when he ate spinach. Today we propose that you let your children discover this famous cartoon and spend the afternoon watching his adventures. If you look on YouTube, you will find many of his movies.

For food, seize the opportunity and give your kids a good dish containing spinach. Spinach is rich in folate, which is necessary for producing red blood cells and avoiding anemia. Folate is particularly important during periods of growth, and therefore it is recommended to include it in your kids’ diets.

Here is a recipe which we propose to include in your meal: tasty squid stuffed with spinach, typical of Greek cuisine.


- 1 kg squid

- 250 g spinach

- 5 dessert spoons of olive oil

- 1 chopped onion

- 4 spring onions

- ½ cup of fresh chopped herbs: parsley, dill, basil, spearmint

- 1 grated tomato

- 1 cup of risotto rice

- Salt and pepper


For the sauce:

- 2 dessert spoons of olive oil

- 1 chopped onion

- 2 cloves of garlic

- 3 grated tomatoes

- ½ cup of white vinegar

- 1 dessert spoon of parsley



Wash the squid, chop off the heads and sauté them with the onion until tender. First add the washed and chopped spinach and the herbs, and then the rice and the tomato, season and set aside. When cool, stuff the squid. Close the edges with a toothpick and place on a small baking tray. For the sauce, sauté the spring onions and the garlic in oil for a few minutes and add the rest of the ingredients for the sauce. Leave to cook for 10-15 minutes and pour on the stuffed squid. Cover with grease-proof paper and tin foil (the foil on top) and bake at 180 ºC for 45 minutes. Take out of the oven, remove the picks and serve with the sauce and chopped dill.

Wait and see, with this plan your kids will eat spinach in an original and fun way. They will go to bed happy and you even more so after teaching them about eating healthily.


The truth is that people wear the same type of clothing in many parts of the world. Jeans, shirts and t-shirts are seen in most countries. But for special occasions and celebrations, some people choose to bring back the memories of the past by wearing traditional costume. While it isn’t worn every day, the Brazilians do place importance on their folkloric attire, donning it in different circumstances, such as for carnivals and other national celebrations.

It is specifically the traditional clothing of Brazilian women that is the most famous in the world. The country was a Portuguese colony for 322 years, from 1500 to 1822. The indigenous tribes who lived through that era adopted the Portuguese clothing style and adapted it to their climate and traditions. Due to the fact that Brazil is made up of 26 states, the country possesses great cultural diversity. The traditional clothing differs from one end of the country to the other, but there are some common elements, like bombachas (baggy trousers) and the Bahia dress.

The Bahia dress originated in the warm region of Bahia and some women from there wear it regularly. It is made with a fabric which lets the air flow through, with beautiful embroidery, and the skirt is round and long, falling below the ankles. Women also wear a white turban on their heads, glass bead necklaces and a long and colorful shawl. The Bahia dress inspired the costume of singer Carmen Miranda, a popular Brazilian samba artist and actress of 1940 and 1950. She would wear a modified Bahia dress which once again became popular in Brazil and abroad. The dress is multicolored and open at the front, making the left leg visible; and furthermore it is worn with high heels and big hoop earrings. The turban is decorated with plastic fruit, feathers and flowers.

Bombachas are a type of loose trousers, originally worn by cowboys. They are generally made of cotton and are comfortable for riding. Some people also call them guacho trousers due to the name “guacho” given to native South American cowboys. They are worn by both men and women. The men’s costume combines bombachas with a poncho over a white t-shirt, a wide straw hat and leather riding boots.

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ESP_¿Conoces el famoso_pambtomat

Pa amb oli (in English: bread with oil), is one of the most traditional pillars of Majorcan cuisine. It is made up of ingredients as simple as brown bread, ramallet tomatoes, virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and garlic. And thereafter there are an endless list of accepted variations. It is a sin to visit Majorca and not try it! That is why we are taking a look at some of the restaurants on the island which prepare the best examples of this simple dish.

In the Santa Catalina district you will find Sa Llimona restaurant, which opened its doors more than 25 years ago and is one of the reference points when it comes to a good pa amb oli. You can order it with a variety of cold cuts, just with cheese or with Iberian meats, smoked meats or in the style of the house. The latter is the most traditionally Majorcan variation and, in addition to ham and cheese, includes longaniza (Spanish sausage) and camallot (Majorcan cold meat).  In the same area you will find A Mano restaurant, which is smaller than Sa Llimona but stands out due to its welcoming atmosphere in which you can dine in good company. The pa amb olis are delicious and on the menu you can choose between varied cold cuts, Iberian meats, cheeses and pâtés.

If, in addition to sampling a good pa amb oli, you want to take in a show, we recommend Sa Botiga de Buffons, where the theater program is highly varied and ranges from improvisation or comedy shows to hypnosis sessions. It offers a varied menu of pa amb olis – sixteen options in total – amongst which the smoked cod and flaked herring with garlic variations stand out. Mandrágora is in Can Pastilla and is a family establishment where the service is excellent. At weekends you can dine while you take in a improvised show at a very competitive price. The menu is smaller but all the dishes are worth their spot on it: in addition to varied pa amb olis with toppings, you can try the Spanish omelets and crepes.

But Palma is not the only place to try this delicious dish. One of the temples of pa amb oli in the part forana (all of Majorca outside Palma) is  s’Hostal de Montuïri. Here, our protagonist dish is almost the only thing on the menu and can be ordered cold or hot, varied or with pork, to suit everyone’s taste. But above all, what is really noticeable in this classic family restaurant is the quality of the ingredients.  We should also mention Can Chus Murmavaka in Santa Maria and Cafè l’Orient in Capdepera, situated in the square of this town in Llevant, a region where you will also find other classic establishments such as Pamboleria De Tot in Manacor and Sa Cova dets Ases in Portocolom, Felanitx.


With this list that we have prepared, you have no excuse not to try the famous pa amb oli!! You won’t regret it, just wait and see!


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Bloody Bay is, without any shadow of a doubt, one of the must-visit places during your trip to Jamaica. The Antilles are an irresistible magnet for tourists of all kinds, due to the spectacular features of their topical nature and the great offer of entertainment and fun. And Bloody Bay is one of them.

Located in the area of Negril, in the western region of the island, Bloody Bay is situated just ten minutes from Montego Bay, Jamaica’s tourist center par excellence.

Its ‘bloody’ name comes from its past as a whaling port. And furthermore, according to legend, a pirate named Jack Rackham and his band of roughnecks were captured around the bay after having drunk large amounts of rum. Today, these magical beaches are no longer visited by pirates but rather by families who spend their vacations there, university students, newly weds and lovers of water sports. It is known for its relaxed ambiance and its beautiful beaches of white sand surrounded by lush, abundant nature.

Bloody Bay is also famous among nudists as nudism is permitted on part of its beaches.

Those who want to do something more than lie on the beach and relax will find a wide variety of water-based activities on Bloody Bay, such as kayaking, surfing, sailing and paragliding… and the best of all, diving, as the waters are calm and crystal-clear with colorful coral reefs. Many local companies offer the PADI certification and guided diving excursions, as well as boat trips in catamarans, and equipment hire. For an unforgettable trip, we recommend exploring one of the caves or taking a canoe up the Negril’s Morass Swamp. This protected area is renowned for its tall palm trees, crocodiles and exotic birds. A real experience!

At nighttime, when the sun sets, the horizon of Bloody Bay is tinted with orange and purple colors. At that time the best option is to take out a boat, which you can do easily on the beach. It also offers stores for shopping and buying souvenirs, restaurants in which to enjoy the Jamaican cuisine and, above all, nightclubs in which to listen to live music. Outside of Kingston, this zone is one of the liveliest night spots in Jamaica, with dancing, barbecues, calypso and open-air concerts.

Lovers of natural and tasty food, with no additives and at a good price must not miss a visit to Just Natural restaurant in Negril. The charming family who run the restaurant will serve you a simple dish of the local cuisine, with the majority of the ingredients grown in their own vegetable garden. We recommend their famous lentil burger!


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Spain, a movie set

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Ever since cinema has existed, Spain has been a coveted land for national and international producers. Spectacular movies starring the most famous actors in the world have been filmed throughout the Spanish territory. We present some locations in Spain where some of the most famous and spectacular movies have been filmed.

In Cantabria, and more specifically in the beautiful Palacio de los Hornillos, Amenábar filmed his movie The Others.  Actress Nicole Kidman passed through the corridors and rooms of this late 18th century palace conveying the anguish of her character.  Its architectural style would go on to influence the Palacio de la Magdalena, also in Cantabria and also famous for the filming of the Spanish series Gran Hotel.

Although it is hard to recognize, the Plaza de España in Seville was also a setting used in the movie Star Wars. Due to the digitalization of the movie, this fact can escape you but it is seen specifically in the scene in which Anakin Skywalker escorts Padmé Amidala in Naboo. Of course, the architecture of this square is more than worthy of appearing in film!

In addition, the movie Perfume was filmed for the most part in Figueres, Girona and Barcelona. Between the hidden corners and alleyways of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter you will find the Plaza San Felip Neri. This oasis right in the middle of the city stands out due to its tranquility and silence in the core of bustling Barcelona, and perhaps that is why it was selected to shoot the first murder scene in Perfume, in which the redheaded woman appears.

Another of the famous movies of  director Alejandro Amenábar, Open Your Eyes, was set principally on Madrid’s Gran Vía. The opening scene, in which actor Eduardo Noriega passes through it when it is completely empty of people and traffic, is truly spectacular. In fact, in no part of that scene did they use any special effects. Amenábar managed to get them to cut all traffic (both motor and human) in this central Madrid street. The Gran Vía has been the setting for many other movies, such as Álex de la Iglesia’s The Day of the Beast.

The Tabernas Desert in Almeria is our most famous setting worldwide. Hundreds of westerns were filmed in this desert, but to give a more current example, we could remind you of the tank chase in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, although in reality there were a great number of movies filmed there.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the first part of the famous Millennium trilogy, had its closing scene on the Paseo Marítimo de Pablo Ruiz Picasso, a promenade in the city of Málaga, facing La Malagueta beach.

Our most famous lighthouse is that of the Cap de Barbaria, on the spectacular island of Formentera, thanks to the movie Sex and Lucia. Although it is only for the movie cover, perhaps one of the most recognizable scenes in the film is that of actress Paz Vega getting on a motorbike and riding away from the lighthouse. But the whole island is seen in all of its splendor throughout the movie and is truly spectacular.

A large part of Simbad the Sailor was filmed in Majorca. Among the more recent movies there is Cloud Atlas, the last of the Wachowski Brothers (famous for The Matrix).

Cádiz is known as Little Havana due to the similarities that exist between the two coastal towns, separated by the immense Atlantic. The likeness is such that even for movies made in Hollywood it has served as a setting to depict Cuba. In the James Bond movie Die Another Day you can see that the Malecón port is actually Cadiz’s Castillo de Santa Catalina.

The final movie of the Pedro Almodóvar-Penélope Cruz partnership, Broken Embraces, left La Mancha for warmer lands. It turned out to be the island of Lanzarote which played host to the shooting of part of the movie. You are sure to recognize Guatiza’s cactus garden when you watch the movie!



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Tunisian gastronomy stands out for its spices, the notable prominence of vegetables (onion, tomato, carrot, pumpkin, etc.), the pastries, and lamb and fish dishes. The combinations are extremely broad and stand out due to the intensity of their aromas and different flavors. Tunisian meals are social events and the longer they last, the better.

To begin a trip along the path of Tunisian gastronomy, there is nothing better than brik, one of the most traditional appetizers. It is a type of bread or pastry which can be made with two different types of dough: filo and malsouka. For the filling, tuna is the number one option. Many cooks also make it with chicken. Additionally, you can add anchovies, egg, capers and harissa, a very common spicy sauce in the Middle East.

Couscous is known as one of the preferred dishes in Tunisia and its neighboring countries. There are more than 60 recipes for couscous and the essence of each, as you would expect, varies depending on the ingredients. In general, it is steamed in a pan, to which pieces of meat (beef, chicekn, lamb or fish), vegetables and legumes are added. Lablabi is another typical dish whose base ingredient is chickpeas. It is cooked with pieces of bread and a soup with cumin as the main seasoning.

A tagine is a fundamental dish of the culinary folklore of countries such as Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Libia. Its name comes from the special pot in which it is stewed. This clay pot cooks meats (mainly lamb), vegetables and spices at a low heat in order to achieve the right balance of texture, flavor and aromas. Most tourists who visit Tunisia try the popular Doigts de Fatma (Fatma’s Fingers), a sort of spring roll filled with minced meat, egg, potato and parsley or other condiments, and they usually come back for more! These dishes are wrapped in what is known as brik pastry and fried. A real delicacy for the palate!

Dates are a classic food of Tunisia and a large part of northern Africa. Makroud is a cake made with couscous semolina and dates or figs. It is cut into diamonds and fried to be served with a traditional Tunisian mint tea. It is said that the city of Kairouan is home to the best makroud in the country.

Now you know, you can’t leave Tunisia without having at least tried each and every one of these dishes.


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