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MED_Qué hacíamos – o no – en nuestros viajes cuando no existía internet

Back in the good old days when we didn’t use the internet (it seems eons ago, but it really wasn’t so long ago if you think of it), the way we travelled, both the preparation and the actual travel, were quite different to today. Here go a few examples:

· We used travel agencies as a matter of course. Now many of us organize our trips on our own, booking flight tickets and hotel rooms, and we even book excursions, restaurants and spas before leaving home.

· We had fine paper flight tickets. These tickets seemed prone to ripping or getting lost. We took very good care of them and if we lost our tickets, then it was quite complicated to get new ones. Now we ‘carry’ our tickets on our cell phone as a QR code.

· We used to send postcards. Sometimes we even arrived before the postcard! ;-)

· We took only the pictures we needed. Knowing what it cost to buy and develop a roll of film, nobody took pictures non-stop like we do now. And there was an advantage: we didn’t take so many silly pictures the way we do today! ;-)

· We used roadmaps. Travelers took pride in their roadmaps to avoid getting lost when driving to places. Now we have a GPS navigator in our car that shows us the way to our destination. But I think we still get lost anyway

· We asked the locals at any street corner to recommend us a good restaurant. Now we check Tripadvisor or a similar website before traveling or on the spot and we immediately find out about the best bars, restaurants and hotels and even the price!

So we can say, and we won’t be wrong, that the internet represents a great stride forward in terms of travel … with one proviso: in the good old days we used to enjoy a landscape, a sunset or a romantic evening calmly, without any stress, but now we spend time uploading pictures to Twitter, Facebook or sending out a Whatsapp, and then we have to answer all the comments right away! Shucks! We surely came out losing there!


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CAR_Las cascadas Mayfield en Jamaica_2

A trip to Jamaica is one of the most recommendable options for tourists wishing to enjoy some fantastic days on the beaches of the Caribbean. Also, travelling to Jamaica opens up a number of possibilities: excursions and many activities, because Jamaica offers a lot more than just lying down on the shores of the Caribbean; you can travel inland to the forest and mountain areas of these tropical lands. It is worth your while to travel ‘inside Jamaica’, because it is in the most secluded regions where you can discover the true Jamaica and the great contrasts in its culture.

One of the excursions that is a must for travelers in Jamaica is the Dunn’s River Falls. It is probably the most famous tourist attraction in the Ocho Rios area and it is truly an enjoyable excursion. But today we want to tell you about some other waterfalls that are equally beautiful, with the advantage that there aren’t so many tourists and you can enjoy them peacefully and at your own pace: Mayfield Falls.

The (still) relatively unknown Mayfield Falls are great to visit for travelers who do not like to be crowded by people. And these waterfalls are not the type to be admired from a distance; instead you can plunge in and enjoy them. Swim and take a dive in any of the 21 natural springs of this wonderful area of waterfalls, and spend your time actively or just relaxing, whichever you prefer. Walk underneath the Washing Machine, the highest waterfall of this ensemble, with a 3 meter drop, and enjoy a shower right in the midst of nature. Jump from the cliffs into waterholes, swim into the caves or just get under the waterfall and enjoy a pleasant massage of spurts of natural mineral water.


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MED_Qué hacer en un viaje corto a Budapest

You are in a beautiful European capital, Budapest, where every corner is worth a visit. You don’t have much time and need to get down to business. No time to waste. Here go the essentials, none of which will disappoint you.

· Castle of Buda: not visiting this castle is like going to Paris for the first time and not going to see the Eiffel Tower.

· Fisherman’s Bastion: here you can take the best pictures. Your Instagram account will be on fire!

· Bridges: they are all fine, beautiful, especially in the evening. The lighting is superb. You have the Chain Bridge, Freedom Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge … all of them are excellent.

· Váci Utca and Andrássy Utca: these are the main streets in the city, with plenty of restaurants, cafeterias and shops—many, many shops. You will also find some of the most important buildings in Budapest, because of their history and their unique features.

· Heroes’ Square: it is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. If you go there in winter, right beside it they have a huge ice-skating facility. If you know how to skate you’ll have a ball. If you don’t, then it’s time to learn!


Extras (when going from one monument to the next)

· You can’t leave Budapest without stopping at Ruszwurm, a bakery that opened in 1827 where you will find incredible pastries. They are well worth tasting. It is also advisable to visit Gerbaud, where Sissi used to eat her favorite cake, and the Central Café, where prices are friendlier. Let your diet go AWOL!

· Going to a spa is a must. The Széchenyi spa has open air swimming pools where you can see the people of Budapest playing chess in the water!

· If you want to try genuine Hungarian food, for instance goulash in a nice place, go to a restaurant called Fatâl. Good prices, tasty food and an unbeatable location, right on Váci Utca, the famous street we mentioned up above.




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BRA_El mercado popular de la Feira de São Joaquim

When visiting the boisterous city of Salvador da Bahia, besides walking through the Pelourinho district, visiting the monuments and churches of the historical quarter and indulging in the street festivities, you should set aside an hour or two for the largest popular market in the city: the Feira de São Joaquim.

Of course Salvador has the famous Mercado Modelo, the best known market in the city and the traditional place where handicrafts such as ceramics, jewelry, leather goods, musical instruments, sculptures, clothing, laces and embroideries can be found, among many other articles. This market consists of 263 shops on two floors. It is the ideal place to find souvenirs of Bahia and to buy gifts. The offer is so extensive that it’s hard to make up your mind! And it is set in an impressive building of neo-classical architecture from the 19th century. Regardless of whether you are interested in shopping, the beauty of the building and the atmosphere will make it worth your while to visit this market.

But the popular market par excellence, the market where all the locals go, not so tourist oriented but interesting nonetheless, is the Feira de São Joaquim. Here you can find a bit of everything: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish … plus all the typical ingredients of Bahian cuisine such as the all-pervading azeite de dendê (palm oil). There are also decorative articles and objects from the candomblé cult, the Afro-American religion of Bahia. For those of you who are not too fussy about hygiene, it’s a good place to try out the local cuisine. As we said, the place is not geared to tourism; the market is frequented by the locals; that is why you will enjoy watching how the inhabitants of Bahia move around, what they buy and what they eat on a day to day basis.

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Picture. Anna Carolina Lima 


ESP_Una escapada a San Lorenzo del Escorial

Just 47 kilometers away from Madrid is the town of San Lorenzo del Escorial, surely a beautiful place and renowned for being the location of the imposing Monastery of El Escorial. The urban layout of San Lorenzo del Escorial includes stately homes from the days of the architect Juan de Herrera, rationalist avenues and small squares designed in earlier times. Set in the mountains of Madrid, it provides many entertainment opportunities and cultural routes, connecting travelers with Avila, Segovia, Toledo and Madrid.

The town of San Lorenzo del Escorial, recognized as a Historical and Artistic Ensemble, was built up around the Monastery of El Escorial. This beautiful architectural ensemble, included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, was commissioned by Philip II in the 16th century to commemorate the Battle of St. Quentin. The simple lines concentrate the viewer’s attention on the harmony of courtyards, fountains, cloisters and towers. The main areas contain over 4,000 rooms. The Courtyard of the Kings of Judah serves as the entrance to the Basilica, which features a dome rising up 95 meters and paintings by Lucas Jordán among its main items. El Escorial was also built to serve as the Royal Pantheon and it is the burial place of Spanish monarchs from the Hapsburg and Bourbon dynasties. The Architectural Museum conserves documents on the execution works of the Monastery, stating the participation of important masters from all over Europe. There are a great many manuscripts (in Arabic, Greek and Latin) in the Library and the priceless collections of paintings in the Chapter Rooms. El Greco, Ribera, Tiziano, Velázquez and Bosch are represented in the paintings that may be found here. Works by Tiziano, Veronés, Zurbarán and Tintoretto can be admired at the Painting Museum.


Gastronomy tip: if you want to savor the genuine cuisine of Madrid’s mountain area, this trip is the best excuse to try the cocido from Madrid (chick peas, meat and vegetables), callos (cow tripes) and garlic soup in the most genuine tradition of Castile. Veal from the Sierra de Guadarrama is served broiled, whereas lamb and suckling pig are roasted in the oven. For dessert, anisete rolls, cream canutitos and mantecados.



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BRA_¿Por qué todo el mundo se enamora de Brasil


You’ll see it for yourself. There’s no way out. Once you visit Brazil, no matter what part of the country it is, you’re trapped, you’ll always want to come back. Here is a list of the reasons why:

· Because of all the different possibilities the destination has to offer.

· Because of the wonderful ‘postcard’ beaches.

· Because they make you feel welcome no matter where you go.

· Because of the landscapes.

· Because no matter how many times you go, you’ll always discover something new.

· Because of its music and dance. Samba, forro funk, axé…

· Because of its wildlife and biodiversity. The Amazon. Pantanal…

· Because of the good prices. If you want to, you can travel light.

· Because of its history, which is always interesting. History built on an impassioned colonial past.

· Because of capoeira. On the beach, in the squares and on any corner you can enjoy this art.

· Because of carnival. It’s spectacular, both the world famous Rio Carnival but also the one in Salvador da Bahia.

· Because of the Iguazu Falls.

· Because of soccer, one of the pagan gods of this country. But if you don’t like soccer, cross this one out and focus on the other reasons. ;-)

· Because of the food. There’s plenty of broiled meat to enjoy, and you can discover the bolinhos de bacalhau (codfish) or take in the vitamins from the great variety of tropical fruit.

· But you will especially love Brazil for its people. Look around. They are always cheerful, with a special glint in their eyes.

Surely you’ve got more reasons of your own. Tell us about them!

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ESP_La Serra de Tramuntana_2

On other occasions we have spoken about the famous Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca. We have spoken of the charm of these mountains and its cliffs, the hidden coves and towns and people. This time we want to show you this mountain range on this beautiful video by Álvaro Leiva:




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CAR_El placer de pasear por La Habana con un viejo Chevrolet

When you set foot in Havana you are immediately taken to the past, not a very distant past but it’s the past nevertheless. The fact is that Havana possesses a huge cultural and historical heritage that comes second to none. We mean this literally, as far as its cars are concerned, which inevitably take us back to the 1950s and early 1960s. The wants and needs of the island prevented the renewal of most of the cars on the roads of Cuba after the downfall of the Batista regime.

The old Fords, Chevrolets, Pontiacs and Chryslers have been handed down over generations like family heirlooms. These cars kept on running despite the years, the rust, the embargo (no spare parts), the hurricanes, the tropical climate, saltpeter and all the bumps on the road. I was once told by a cab driver, after asking what they did to repair the cars and keep them running (you can hardly find any repair garages on the streets of Havana): “We do it ourselves. We don’t need anybody to do it for us. These cars are handed down from the previous generation, and when we are kids our parents show us how to repair them. Nobody knows your car better than you do. They are part of the family.” But they are gradually being replaced by more modern vehicles, luckily for the hardy Cubans, but those of us who enjoy the sight of these old carriages slowly progressing through the streets of Havana will feel a pang in our heart the day that the last of these vehicles ends up in the car dump.

These cars from over 50 years ago have become an identifying symbol of Havana. In spite of the economic difficulties, many owners have put forth every effort, as well as their savings, to keep them as if freshly bought from the dealer, because for many they are their only possession, and also a source of income

The history of Cuba is written down in these automobiles, a testimony of a past age that can be experienced on the streets of the world’s largest antique car museum.



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BRA_Salvador de Bahía

As soon as you set foot in Salvador da Bahia you can tell in the faces of its people, so thoroughly mixed over the centuries that you can’t tell how much there remains in them of their American, European and African ancestors, as I was saying, you can feel the cultural and even mystical mélange that has made Salvador such a welcoming city, to the point that you arrive there and they make you feel as if you’d been there your whole life.

It’s only natural to speak to people on every corner, from the man painting pictures in vivid colors to the woman in white selling acarajés or the toothless, wrinkled old lady offering you a bracelet of good luck …

The whole region of Bahia is like this, with friendly people in a tropical paradise where you can indulge in the rhythm of bossa nova. North of Salvador there is a succession of beaches leading to a small town called Praia do Forte, where turtles return from the sea to bury their eggs in the sand. This is an unforgettable experience that you can enjoy drinking coconut water or a nice caipirinha. There is nothing you won’t find in Salvador. This is the birthplace of capoeira, which originated from dances by the slaves in the days when fighting was not allowed; samba was also born here before it travelled to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro to become world famous. The Carnival in Salvador is different, it takes place on the streets and belongs to the people—anyone can take part in it.

On the streets of Salvador you can feel the good vibrations, which often defy description. It’s something you have to experience and live out for yourself. You have to go there—it’s definitely worth your while.


Bahian flavors: you have to try out the fish moquecas cooked with palm oil, the acarajés, vatapá, caruru, cocadas and quindins


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CAR_La indiscutible belleza de la ciudad de La Habana

Here is a time lapse of the city of Havana, where you can admire the beauty and elegance of the capital of Cuba.

In Havana, the aesthetics of destruction is as widespread as street music, big convertibles and the smiles on people’s faces. Those who dwell in these houses, which are seemingly either about to topple over or in a state of perpetual refurbishing, are the main characters of this city that beats outwards, with so much to see and live that you are always left wanting for more.

Enjoy it!





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