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The coastal, mountainous landscapes surrounded by tranquil, crystal waters in contrast with the beauty of its towns and pleasant climate have made Majorca one of the most important tourist destinations Spain has to offer among its territories. And in the case of Majorca, this offer includes much more than beaches.

Towns of great historical and cultural interest, museums, churches, beaches, mountains, water sports, adventure, nightlife, etc. The beaches and coves of Majorca are something that you cannot miss out on during your vacations, even in winter! Endless stretches of sand, small coves, unspoiled beaches with cliffs, rock formations… there is something to suit all tastes. All of them, with their fine, golden sand and turquoise waters, are spectacular spots in which to relax and make the most of the sunny days.

But in addition, you must set aside some time for essential cultural visits, of which there is no shortage. In Palma, the capital, you cannot avoid a visit to the stunning Cathedral, “La Seu”, and the interesting old town, La Lonja, La Almudaina, the churches and cloisters of San Francisco, Santa Eulalia… All must-visit locations!

The Tren de Sóller is another of the excursions that you must not miss during your visit to the island of calm. A trip which takes you back into the past; its wooden seats and perfectly-conserved structure ensure that passengers enjoy a unique experience. The highlights of the tour include the long tunnels, the Cinc-Ponts viaduct and the Mirador de Pujol d’en Banya viewpoint, which offers spectacular views of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range and the Sóller Valley.

In addition to Sóller, other must-visit towns are Valldemossa, Deià, Alcudia, Orient, Fornalutx and Artà, to name but a few!

Enjoy the Majorcan night in some of the island’s most famous night spots. There is a great variety of bars, pubs and nightclubs open every day of the year to welcome the biggest of party animals. We recommend two of the best streets to have a few drinks and a great time: The district of La Lonja is a very busy area at night; there are plenty of restaurants serving Majorcan and international cuisine as well as a great offer of bars and pubs which stay open until two in the morning. And the most vibrant area of the island is the Passeig Marítim (the promenade), where you will find the big nightclubs to dance in until sunrise, such as “Tito’s” or “Pachá”.

The typical product that identifies Majorca is ensaïmada, an exquisite sweet dish that can be eaten on its own or stuffed with angel hair pasta and cream. If you want to buy a souvenir for family members and friends, the best idea is undoubtedly bringing them home a delicious ensaïmada as a gift. Make your purchase in the traditional bakeries on the island to taste the authentic ensaïmadas; avoid buying them in airport stores and on the promenade.


Do you want to eat well in Palma? If you want to eat good rice, fish, shellfish or tapas, or to simply have a drink, make sure you visit the traditional and refurbished Restaurant Pesquero, in the middle of Moll Vell, a unique spot overlooking the small fishing boats and nets. Furthermore, they arrange several days of live music.


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ESP_La excelente gastronomía onubense_2

Huelva’s cuisine stands out for two special reasons: first, like all the other regions of Spain, it has been heavily influenced by the great number of cultures that have lived in the territory. The second that should be highlighted is that Huelva has been positively affected by its privileged location: situated between the sea and the mountains and with some inland regions of great agricultural wealth, which explains why its cuisine possesses the best of each of these three environments.

Above all, Huelva is known for three products, whose excellence is unquestionable: jamón de la Sierra (ham from the mountains), berries, particularly the strawberries and raspberries of Lepe and Palos, and the seafood and fish of the coast.  But there are many other products of the highest quality which can be found in Huelva: some excellent white wines, quality liqueurs, grape juice, olive oils and vinegars which are starting to triumph in all the international competitions, oranges, asparagus and other products from the vegetable garden, which are beginning to gain in recognition.

A stop-off at the Aracena Museum of Ham, situated right in the city center and located in a building which was constructed 30 years ago to be the Museum of Popular Arts and Customs of the Sierra, is a very interesting option. Barely 150 meters away is the La Gruta de Las Maravillas, an underground passage full of suggestions and mysteries. Without any shadow of a doubt, it is a must-visit.

Essential: Cuisine d’auteur is gaining pace. Xanty Elías is a sign of it, with his Acánthum restaurant which offers a cuisine of sensations, brimming with passion and a touch of creativity, using local products and ingredients from Andalusia, “Europe’s great pantry”, and where every mouthful is an experience. Make sure you try the “Eco-Huevo, ortiguilla de mar y su galleta” (Eco-Egg, sea anemone and cracker) “Explosión de gurumelo y agua de Lamuyo asado” (Explosion of gurumelo mushroom and roasted Lamuyo pepper juice). The food of gods!



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ESP_Las playas de Tenerife te enamorarán

The island of Tenerife stands out due to its beautiful landscapes of pure nature and its spectacular beaches of black volcanic sand. In Tenerife you can find everything, from unspoiled, hidden, fairytale coves to vast beaches of artificial and natural golden sand. In addition, its beaches are amongst the best on the Canary Islands and 13 of them boast the Blue Flag distinction.

Some of the best are:

Playa de las Gaviotas: Playa de las Gaviotas is considered one of the best beaches in Tenerife for the calmness of its waves, its crystal water and the intimate ambiance it provides. It is a beach on which couples, families and nudists can all coexist.

Playa del Bollullo: El Bollullo, in the municipal district of La Orotava, is a beautiful, isolated beach of volcanic sand whose tranquility and extraordinarily clear waters make it stand out. A unique setting dominated by cliffs frame this 400 m beach.

Playa de Benijo: This black sand beach is difficult to reach but the trip is worth the effort, not only because of the beauty of the beach but also since, to reach it, you have to cross the spectacular Macizo de Anaga mountain range. Playa de Benijo is known for its strong swell, ideal for lovers of surfing, but the true secret of this beach lies in the sunsets. It offers the best sunset views from a beach on the whole island of Tenerife.

El Médano: Next to the small tourist town of El Médano is the beach of the same name which, at 2 km, is the longest on the island. Its fine, white sand invites you to stroll to its southern edge, where there is an extraordinary volcanic cone, Red Mountain (Montaña Roja), which is a protected nature reserve due to its outstanding ecological significance.

Playa de la Arena: This beach of black volcanic sand offers the best Tenerife’s beaches have to offer: crystal waters and pure nature, mixed with a stunning landscape.

But these are just a few of the many fantastic beaches on this beautiful island. We encourage you to explore them because none will disappoint.


If you are traveling with children:  If the little ones will be joining you on your trip, you must visit Loro Parque.  A world-famous adventure and the most popular and renowned animal park in the Canaries. Discover Antarctica on Planet Penguin, take your seat at the OrcaOcean show or be amazed by the acrobatics of the dolphins which defy gravity. You will all love it, big ones and little ones!


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Think Green: Cozumel

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Green-blue and turquoise sparkles in the sea dazzle and provide a home to the wonderful marine life, the main feature of the reef area, which frames the Mexico’s largest island: Cozumel.


Cozumel, the “Land of Swallows”, a name given by the Mayan belief that the goddess Ixchel (deity of the moon and fertility) sent her birds to the island as gratitude for all its offerings, is an unparalleled place in the Caribbean Sea, where the natural beauty together with the archaeological remains create an unforgettable magic.


Unspoiled beaches which still today conserve the tradition of the sea turtles’ visit to shelter their young, as well as a bird sanctuary, can be enjoyed by simply daring to look up. With almost 80% rainforest, the natural life on the island continues to be conserved and can be appreciated if you take time to explore it.


Cozumel is surrounded by rainforests, beaches of white sand as fine as talc and rocky coasts originating from the formation of the second largest coral reef in the world, which completely surrounds the island. These rocky coasts serve as a habitat for an endless number of algae as well as a refuge for the reproduction of fish.


Its docks welcome thousands of cruises every year and it is considered the number one destination for cruises of this type. In fact, the largest cruise ship in the world docked there on its maiden voyage.


Its sea has been classified as having the most crystal waters on the planet, with enviable temperature and unique visibility as well as a flora and fauna that no other location in the Mexican Caribbean can offer.  You can observe European eels, angelfish, multicolored parrotfish, butterflyfish and many other species, such as spiny lobsters and pink winkles. At nighttime in the high season it is possible to observe the nesting of turtles on the island.


In 1960, French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau declared Cozumel “one of the most special places in the world for diving,” and from that moment it became one of the 5 best locations in the world for the activity, thus increasing the demand for services; it was then that the need to regulate the use of its natural resources became imminent, with this area being declared Cozumel Reefs National Park by decree.


Thanks to this decree, all the money collected through the revenue from the recreational activities carried out within the National Park serves to support the conservation, use, education, awareness and monitoring of this area.


If you visit Cozumel, we invite you to enjoy its beautiful beaches, to immerse yourself in the warm Caribbean Sea, to explore the whole island, but above all to appreciate, admire and help conserve one of the most magnificent settings on the planet: the Cozumel Reefs National Park.



BRA_Delicias amazónicas en Manaos_2

Manaus, in the state of Amazonas, is a sophisticated city full of charm. In this city of contrasts, the Negro and Solimões rivers merge, offering a wonderful natural spectacle. It was founded in 1669 and is currently a major industrial city with sufficient capacity to offer visitors all of the services they could want.

Manaus has restaurants to suit all budgets, from the local establishments on the banks of the Negro and Solimões rivers, to luxurious options. In all of them you can enjoy the regional cuisine, from the popular feijoada (meat and bean stew) to tambaqui, a freshwater fish cooked in the oven on banana leaves. One of the most popular places to eat is the area of the explorers, although La Barca restaurant, which offers a wide variety of seafood dishes, comes highly recommended.

The Brazilian cuisine is very varied and changes drastically from one region to the next. In Manaus they prepare exotic dishes that you will not find in any other part of Brazil, such as the Amazon pato ao tucupi (duck in Tucupi sauce), a real delicacy. It is a dish belonging to the indigenous people of the Amazon, influenced by the slaves, who seasoned the duck with ingredients from the area. Another of the flamboyant local dishes, which can be found in Banzeiro, a restaurant serving gourmet Amazon cuisine, is pirarucú, a freshwater fish which can grow up to three meters in length and whose meat is highly valued. Banzeiro is located at Rua Libertador, 102, Nossa Senhora das Graças.

In the Churrascaria Búfalo, run by a family from Rio Grande do Sul, land of the Brazilian meats, they make one of Manaus’s most traditional grills. Unmissable salad buffet and bar area with great drinks, located at Rua Pará, 491, Conjunto Vieiralves, Nossa Senhora das Graças.

El Toro Loco is a restaurant surrounded by green, which offers an excellent buffet with a fantastic variety, including sophisticated appetizers, meat, fish, dessert and even a sushi bar at midday. Located at Avenida do Turismo 215, Tarumã.

El Bistrô Ananã, with its warm atmosphere and decor, is inspired by the image of a boat, is ideal for romantic dinners. The menu: exotic and contemporary dishes with Amazon ingredients, created by chef Sofía Bendelak. Located at Travessa Padre Ghisland 132.

One of the traditional establishments for lovers of fish, with more than 30 years’ experience, is Canto da Peixada. Exquisite Amazon fish in a very family-oriented atmosphere. Located at Rua Emílio Moreira 1677, Praça 14.

Loppiano is a charming pizzeria with several air-conditioned rooms and a balcony. Varied and unusual tastes, from shrimp to cream of passion fruit. At Rua Major Gabriel 1080, Centro.

Tapioca breads, tacacá soup, fish such as tambaqui, and açai fruit are some of the Amazon’s typical foods. Try these and other Brazilian and international delicacies in the restaurants of Manaus recommended by us and it will be impossible for you to leave the city saying you have not eaten well!


IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has a 5-star, all-inclusive boat hotel in Manaus: the IBEROSTAR Grand Amazon, which stops off at various points of the Amazon rainforest for excursions exploring the dense, unspoiled vegetation in small boats. This boat hotel has cabins equipped with the most comprehensive facilities, various restaurants and bars, a varied entertainment offer and conference rooms for events.”


The sun, the white dunes of the desert which merge with the unique blue water of the sea, stunningly beautiful landscapes, flavorsome food, hospitable and friendly people, the most beautiful island of Cape Verde is all this and much more.

Facing the coast of Senegal, Boa Vista is the biggest island of the Cape Verde archipelago and belongs to the Barlovento islands. Its very long, unspoiled beaches are an endless succession of white sand dunes, splashed with picture-perfect palm trees. This island is perfect if you want to enjoy the beach and the ocean in complete peace. Its enormous size makes it impossible that you will have to compete with someone to throw down your towel and claim your place on the sand. Boa Vista can be defined for all purposes as a paradise, silent and with little tourism, ideal for vacations focused on relaxation, but also for lovers of adventure, thanks to the possibility of practicing water sports (windsurfing enthusiasts know it very well) and the interesting excursions available on it.

An excellent idea is visiting the island by quad. This is particularly ideal for visiting the deserts of Viana (with the whitest of sand) and Rabil (more earthy).

Some of the best beaches on the island are Chaves and Ponta Varadinha, where it will probably be just you, the white sand and the incredible blue of the sea.  Curalinho, better known as Santa Mónica beach since it shares its name with the famous beach in California – an 18 km strip – also comes highly recommended. Fine, white sand, on which the waves of the sea break in a setting of indescribable beauty. And in the north of the island, don’t forget to visit Santa María beach, not so much for swimming, as the waters are usually quite rough, but for the ghostly landscape featuring the remains of the Spanish boat named Cabo de Santa Maria, which sank here in 1988. And if you fancy witnessing loggerhead sea turtles lay their eggs, make sure you visit the beach of Ervatao. There is a conservation center where you can get information about the habits of this species and the efforts that are made to ensure its continued existence.

And if you want to know what Boa Vista tastes of, try the langostada and the cachupa. Two excellent and traditional dishes which no visitor to this island can leave without sampling.


“The IBEROSTAR Club Boa Vista is a 5-star all-inclusive resort in Cape Verde, located on the shores of the stunningly beautiful Chaves beach. Located in a setting of unparalleled beauty, this hotel for couples and families will amaze guests with a comprehensive offer of leisure for all ages and a gastronomy that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.”



Tenerife has always been a model location, with its gentle climate and its therapeutic effects. Its air is mild, dry, light and warm, an invisible ally. Close your eyes and let it envelop you like an invigorating hug. The sea, all the force of the ocean breaking next to you. Feel it. Let the breeze run through you and the sea dress you in salt. The light of the island would lighten even the most depressed of spirits. It is the best natural stimulant. It warmly caresses your skin and fills you with energy.  Tenerife also gifts you a landscape of lava and volcanoes. Shapes, colors, textures and rich trace elements for the benefit of your body… plants such as aloe vera to hydrate and regenerate the most delicate skin, tropical fruit and the best products for a healthy and balanced diet. Furthermore, the effects of vinotherapy are also amazing. Tenerife’s wines, rich in phenolic acids and tannins, possess antioxidant properties and have a gentle exfoliating effect on the skin.

If you are looking for health and beauty treatments, need to get rid of stress build-ups or simply want to reinvigorate yourself in an incomparable setting, you will discover that Tenerife is the perfect place to look after yourself, with the best treatments, excellent professionals and the most exclusive centers. You will find the equilibrium you deserve here.


Tip: Relax your mind, pamper your body and achieve true spiritual equilibrium in the new SPA Sensations center of the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey, the most prestigious and emblematic hotel in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. SPA Sensations places a personalized service, inspired by the idea of sport and beauty as synonyms of health and wellbeing, at your disposal. In the SPA Sensations you will discover the best massages, facial and body treatments and exclusive beauty rituals performed by our expert therapists.


The IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts group has 7 hotels on the island of Tenerife. These 4- and 5-star hotel complexes enjoy privileged locations in Tenerife, on the ocean’s edge and in peaceful and relaxed areas in order to offer the best services and the most fulfilling vacations possible in the Canaries.”

BRA_Brasil y su deliciosa cachaza

Cachaça is a drink made with sugar cane, which is created by distilling the fermented juice from the cane. Cachaça is widely used in creating the caipirinha, a cocktail which mixes it with ice, sugar and lemon, and which is popular internationally. It has an alcohol content of between 38% and 50%.

In Brazil cachaça also has many other names: caxaca, caxa or chacha, and pinga. It was Christopher Columbus who brought the first sugar cane stalks from the Canaries to be planted in the Caribbean, from where they moved quickly to colonial Brazil. The cane process produced an initial thick foam of little quality, which went to feeding animals. The slaves liked that foam, which they consumed from the pot, and soon it was used for commercial consumption. This drink was attributed with aphrodisiac powers; in time, cachaça, together with the perfection of its production, attracted other consumers and began to hold importance as a consumption product in colonial Brazil.

But there is a legend about the origin of cachaça which is much more fun:  one especially sunny day, God decided to take a walk, and he had a rest, sat in the sun of a cane field, where he quenched his thirst with a sugar cane and found it so delicious that he blessed it, so that it could provide food for mankind. And with that sugar was born.

That same day, the Devil also sat in the cane field and sucked on a cane. As he consumed it with his very hot hands, the liquid he drank heated up and burned his throat and so he cursed it, so that it would produce a drink that burns as much as the fire of hell. And with that cachaça was born.

Cachaça forms part of almost all the offerings given to the different gods and spiritual entities. Today, before taking a sip of cachaça, it is frequent to see even the most educated of Brazilians pouring a little onto the floor “para o santo” (for the holy one), which is the tribute that Africans pay to their ancestors.

To prepare a good gulp of cachaça you need:

· A lemon with thin peel

· Two dessert spoons of sugar

· 60 ml of pineapple skin

· Crushed ice

Cut the lemon into fine slices, taking off the ends which only have peel on. Place the lemon and the sugar in a bowl. Firmly mix the lemon and sugar in the bowl. Then add the pineapple and crushed ice. And it’s ready!

If you visit Brazil, drink cachaça (in moderation) and you will see how much you enjoy it!


Tip: If you are in Salvador da Bahia, do not miss a visit to O Cravinho bar-restaurant. It is the most popular place in the Terreiro de Jesus, in the heart of Pelourinho. It was opened at the beginning of the 80s with the aim of selling typical drinks that were consumed by ancestors in past generations, all of them with cachaça as the main ingredient. The most famous is the so-called cravinho“: cloves, cachaça and lemon. Try it and let us know what you think! ;-)


Brazil conceals a world of endless natural and cultural treasures that are waiting to be discovered. The IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts in Brazil offer the utmost comfort and most complete services so that entire families can enjoy their stay in Brazil to the full.”


CAR_El Caribe

We don’t suppose you need a reason to go to the Caribbean. Choose any destination and beautiful beaches, an enviable climate and an opportunity for fun and disconnecting from the headaches of everyday life await you. Who doesn’t want to spend some well-earned vacations on this tropical ground of islands surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean Sea? Go on then! What are you waiting for?

Most flights to the Caribbean do not require long, formal processes, simply choose your destination, pack your case and get on board. When you touch down you will already feel so much better, we guarantee it!

The Caribbean boasts a great diversity of tropical locations to visit. And if that is not enough, you will find the best offers to sample typical dishes, enjoy a very intense nightlife, practice incredible water sports or simply lie on a sun lounger and enjoy the whistling of the waves and the sun caressing your skin.

Furthermore, the Caribbean is the honeymoon destination par excellence. No couple could resist the natural charm of Caribbean beaches, which boast a panoramic view that creates the most romantic evenings you could imagine. Basically, it is the ideal place to spend some incredible romantic days next to your beloved.

The beaches of white sand and crystal waters which characterize the Caribbean are a dream which all travelers must include on their list of life’s must-visit destinations. Don’t you think?


“IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts offers you the best accommodation in incredible Caribbean destinations such as Cuba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.”


ESP_De ruta por Andalucía

The cultural, natural and human wonders of Andalusia are truly endless. Andalusia is not just folklore; Andalusia is nature, sport, traditions, cultural fusion, surprise…

Córdoba is well worth a prolonged visit. It is the palace city of Medina Azahara and, inside it, the Jewish quarter and its courtyards invite you to lose yourself. Intangible Heritage of Humanity but, above all, Córdoba is worth visiting for its Cathedral, in the heart of the old mosque.

Seville is always a cultural reference point within and outside of Andalusia. The Reales Alcázares (a royal palace with gardens), the Cathedral –the third largest in the world, behind only St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London– and the Giralda, the minaret which is a close relative of the Koutoubia in Marrakech, Morocco.

Cádiz stands out due to its beaches and sports, which make the most of the strong wind to enable adventurers to take on the sea: windsurfing but also surfing. And the Phoenicians, the seafaring traders who made the port of the city of Cádiz the oldest in the Mediterranean, knew a lot about sea and air

The city of Jaén has a castle which looks like a boat, surrounded by green seas… Its olive groves. And it is also true that the province of Jaén has two universal examples of the Renaissance: Úbeda and Baeza, Heritage of Humanity since 2003.

Andalusia is nature, and this is not only reflected in its coasts: the Parque de Cazorla, Segura y las Cuatro Villas; the swamps of Huelva; and the Coto de Doñana reserve are home to globally unique natural events all year round: bird migration, the barrier system, etc. Furthermore, in Antequera, where there is a church for every Sunday of the year, they have El Torcal mountain range, a natural and earthly corner for many. Doñana National Park has been a Biosphere Reserve and Heritage of Humanity since 1994. For many, it is also the most international natural space in Andalusia.

If we speak about Granada we must mention the Alhambra, but also the Sierra Nevada, where two top locations are situated: the most southerly ski resort in Europe and the highest point of the peninsula, the peak of Mulhacén, a genuine European Kardun.

And Málaga is also worth a trip for its climate, its stunning beaches and… the culture! The city has been reinvented in a truly fascinating way and the Museum of Pablo Ruiz Picasso is one of the mandatory stop-offs. In the province, Ronda, with its gorge, known as the tajo, and the Feria Goyesca, unique worldwide, is also a good excuse for a trip.

Almería is desert and cinema but there are also beaches, which are particularly, although not exclusively, used by nudists, as well as nature, with the Cabo de Gata natural park, which perfectly ticks the box of unspoiled landscapes.


“The south of Spain is seductive, and this seduction can be felt intensely during vacations in Andalusia. The Andalusian resorts and hotels offered by IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts provide you with the best services to enable you to enjoy some wonderful days with your family or partner.