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Limpieza de Playas Cancún

 On the occasion of International Coastal Cleanup Day, IBEROSTAR’s hotels in Mexico joined this initiative by inviting employees and the community to do their bit to keep the beaches waste-free.

Throughout the year, each of the hotels organises, individually or in conjunction with the local authorities, cleaning days that include recreational and awareness activities in order to invite employees and their families to look after the beaches by disposing of the waste in appropriate places, separating it and promoting the culture of recycling.

The results from the cleaning days are as follows:

  • 647 kilograms of waste were collected, separated by type.
  • 1558 cigarette butts and straws were collected.
  • 10.5 kilometres of beach were cleaned, covering the hotels’ beaches and adjoining areas.


This activity forms a part of the Think Green Environmental Programme, with which the company actively participates in the protection and conservation of the environment through good working practices and a branch of environmental education directed at clients, employees and their families, as well as the communities in which each of the properties is located.

In this way, IBEROSTAR reaffirms its commitment to sustainability, minimising its environmental impact and promoting responsible tourism. As a result of these efforts, all of the chain’s complexes in Mexico have obtained the Green Globe certification.

Rally limpieza de playas PSO

Limpieza de Playas TQ 02 Rally limpieza de playas PSO 02


On 17 September 2014 on the section of the beach belonging to the IBEROSTAR Punta Cana, in the IBEROSTAR Bávaro Complex, the traditional Sea Turtle Release was held in conjunction with staff from the National Aquarium, as well as the Dominican Republic Institute of Environmental Law and the Ministry for the Environment. These specimens were rescued and kept for six months in the facilities of the National Aquarium of the city of Santo Domingo before being released back into their natural habitat. We have been carrying out this initiative in the IBEROSTAR Bávaro Complex since 2011 and it receives massive participation from both guests and staff members of the hotel.

The turtle release programme was born with the intention of promoting the conservation of the species of turtle endemic to the island whose populations are being threatened by indiscriminate fishing. This important activity forms part of the commitment of IBEROSTAR hotels in favour of the protection and conservation of natural coastal and marine wealth, and of our continuation with the International Blue Flag Certification (which is synonymous with clean, healthy and safe beaches) and the Green Key accreditation, which certifies us as sustainable hotels.

The event was enlivened by the Entertainment Department team of the complex’s four hotels and received the support and participation of the management teams of the IBEROSTAR Dominicana, Punta Cana, Bávaro and Grand Bávaro.




CAR_Trucos para hacer la maleta de viaje

One of the most annoying things about traveling is packing your case. We all hate the process, right?  We tend to fill it with “just in cases”, so we are always short of space. No need to panic. First premise, less is more when we’re talking about packing a suitcase. We are going to show you how to make the very most of the space in your suitcase so all you have to worry about is enjoying your well-earned vacations. The key: organization and defining essentials. All the rest is not needed.

First define your essentials, which will vary depending on whether you’re going to the beach, to a city or to the North Pole. But let’s define the “essentials” of a standard suitcase: two pairs of jeans or chinos, several t-shirts, a jacket, two dresses, a couple of bikinis/bathing suits and a pair or two of sandals or comfortable shoes.  You don’t need anything else, right?

Roll your clothes, don’t fold them! Clothes made of wool, denim or cotton can be rolled instead of folded. Rolled, they take up much less room, and don’t worry, they don’t crease more than if you fold them, we assure you! And you should do the opposite with belts. Place them in your suitcase stretched out, not rolled – they take up less space.

Follow an order to pack your case and you will achieve the best result. Start with shoes and continue with your toiletry bag.

If you feel obliged to bring several delicate garments you must separate them with onionskin. If they still crease, hang them in the bathroom and use the steam produced after having a shower to make the creases fall out.

And the last piece of advice, don’t forget to put some essential items in your hand luggage, such as underwear and a change of clothes for a few days in case the airline loses your luggage.

If you follow these tips you will see how the process of packing your case will never again be a nightmare.


“Enjoy the more than 100 IBEROSTAR hotels distributed over 16 countries across the world.”


CAR_La inigualable belleza de Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco is the main islet of Cuba, with an area of 370 square kilometers. In other eras, the cays were a refuge for corsairs and pirates; a hiding place for English crooks on their way to Florida; and secret love nest of some contemporary celebrities.

To begin to tell you about this paradise, we will start with some beaches that will leave you breathless, such as Las Coloradas, Jaula and Playa de los Flamencos. Twenty-two endless kilometers of the whitest beaches, full of mangrove swamps and coconut palms set against some of the most crystal-clear waters of all the Caribbean Sea thanks to their proximity to a 400-kilometer coral reef, the second largest in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

What is more, a lush nature and varied fauna. Some 200 species of animals are located on the islet, among which the birds and reptiles, like iguanas, and more than 360 plant species, many of them endemic, stand out. This zone is a must-visit, with numerous colonies of pink flamencos and migratory birds, and it has an advanced environmental preservation policy which guarantees the quality of the habitats of this natural treasure.

And to top off these excellent conditions for some genuinely luxurious vacations, there are incredible spots for practicing diving in waters with maximum visibility, natural parks, eco-tourism programs, natural pools and lagoons in which to fish for trout, and all of it hardly altered by human presence.

Today, anyone who relaxes here, free as a bird, could easily feel like a star!


IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has a 4-star vacation complex very close to Cayo Coco, in Cayo Guillermo: the IBEROSTAR Daiquiri. This luxurious hotel boasts 3 pools, modern facilities, meticulously thought-out services and a team of professionals who will ensure that guests encounter an unforgettable experience during their vacations in Cayo Coco.”



Andalusia is Spain’s golfing paradise par excellence. Between the provinces of Cádiz and Málaga, there are a total of 94 golf courses, with Málaga, and specifically the Costa del Sol, boasting the greatest concentration of golf courses in Andalusia.

The first thing that catches the attention of visitors who arrive in this region for the first time is the simplicity of its people, the mild climate, lush vegetation and the wide variety of places to spend unforgettable days.

From the town of Nerja, where Málaga’s biggest caves are found, as well as the famous ‘Balcony of Europe’, with its great sea views, to the town of Estepona to the south, boasting beaches of transparent waters and warm sand which make the whole coastline a joy to behold.

The inner part of the province possesses places that will be difficult to forget. Ronda, where time seems to have stopped. Antequera, with its magnificent collection of monuments, fruit of its historical past, and the extraordinary karst landscape of El Torcal, which takes us millions of years back in the history of the planet.

If there is one sport that is linked to tourism, it is golf, and if there is one zone which pays it special attention, it is the province of Málaga and its Costa del Sol. This zone contains nearly 70 courses, making it the number one location in Europe for golf today. Enjoying sun and golf twelve months a year is a real possibility in Andalusia.

All year round important tournaments are contested on the courses of Andalusia in the amateur category and, in the professional game, Andalusia hosts several tournaments of the European Golf Circuit each year, bringing together the best golfers in the world, and during which, as fans, you can enjoy the great beauty of this sport in this unparalleled setting that is Andalusia.

Those who want an introduction to the sport or to perfect their game have the greatest offer of courses and competitions all year round in this community. You will also find a world of stores specializing in golfing products here. Do you have a better offer?


Hotels in Andalusia are home to unique experiences. The excellent location of IBEROSTAR hotels in Cádiz, Huelva and Málaga constitute an unparalleled opportunity to explore the Costa del Sol, Costa Tropical and Costa de la Luz.”




The freshness of its beaches and spaces, the climate, its traditions and the joy of its people are what make Brazil a must-visit place. And it is precisely those traditions that have managed to transcend the country’s borders and steal the hearts of visitors from all over the world.  Here are some of our favorites:

Capoeira: a Brazilian tradition that mixes martial arts, dance and sport and is considered the “dance of war.” It is usually practiced on the beach and consists of performing different moves in front of an opponent, kicking to the rhythm of the music with techniques based on karate and judo but without actually striking the opponent, who must avoid the rival’s strikes. The people who practice it wear comfortable and preferably white clothing, although many men like to do it bare-chested.

Carnival: The most eagerly-anticipated event of the year. While it is celebrated throughout the country, the most famous event is in Rio de Janeiro, and it is increasingly growing in fame in Salvador da Bahia. In Rio the best celebrations take place in the “Sambadrome,” where the different samba dance troupes parade along with their emblematic floats. The parade goes on for several days and the “Escolas do Samba” (samba schools) spend all year preparing for the event. In Bahia, the carnival is the locals, the tourists, the music and everyone taking part, particularly in the street! Millions of tourists give in to Brazil’s carnivals year after year, and it’s not hard to imagine why!

The festivals of Iemanjá: every year, February 2 sees the celebration of the “Iemanjá” (Yemanja) festival, during which the goddess of the sea is worshiped as the people throw offerings such as candles, food, flowers and all sorts of jewels onto boats on the sea shore, asking for help and thanking her for her miracles.   It is a real visual spectacle that you must not miss, and Salvador da Bahia’s Iemanjá festival is particularly amazing.

Feijoada and la caipirinha: Feijoada is Brazil’s typical dish par excellence; if you go to the country and don’t sample this delicacy, you might as well not have gone at all! It is a dish made with beans which are mixed with meat and rice. It is often accompanied with cassava flour, cabbage or fried banana. And what can we say of the caipirinha, which is served in bars all over the world? But no, they are not the same elsewhere; this mixture of cachaça, lime and sugar with plenty of ice tastes much better over in its native land.


IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has two 5-star, all-inclusive vacation complexes in Salvador da Bahia: the IBEROSTAR Praia Do Forte and the IBEROSTAR BahíaBoth hotels offer guests the ideal Brazilian vacation and beautiful natural surroundings. “

Discovering Budva

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MED_Descubriendo Budva

The 38 km coastline, various lagoons, white sandy beaches and fairytale bays have mane Budva Montenegro’s tourist capital. With 2,300 hours of sun a year, and a beach season that runs from May to the middle of November, it is easy to see why this region is a favorite among locals seeking summer vacations and beach escapes.

Budva is the capital and most populous city (with 10,000 residents) of the province of the same name.

The province of Budva contains the towns of: Petrovac, Becici and Sveti Stefan, the most famous of all. Sveti Stefan is a small tourist town located on an island which is connected to dry land by a narrow passageway made of red sand, which is also one of the best beaches on the Budva coast. Originally built by fishermen in the 15th century, this town was put on the map in 1960 thanks to the paintings of Lubarda and Milunovic, which showed the beauty of the zone to the world. Many famous people have visited and still visit the beaches of Sveti Stefan.

The wide range of cultural offerings and amazing corners that must be seen in Budva range from stunning medieval fortresses to natural parks full of life, which still maintain all their wild character. Museums, monuments, historical centers… Budva bay is a place to lose yourself among culture, tradition, nature and history.

Its beaches are calm, with shallow waters, the finest of golden sand, small pebbles, and bathed in the warm waters of the Adriatic, ideal for children and families. Also, thanks to the low levels of contamination in the area, the water visibility is between 15 and 35 meters, making it a diver’s paradise.

In Budva you can enjoy wonderful sunset strolls through the always-bustling old town of Budva, as well as boat trips around the bay, a flying visit to Kotor, a great night with friends or a visit to the islet of Saint Nicholas. Relaxation and fun go hand in hand in this beautiful spot on the coast of Montenegro, where it is impossible to get bored. In Montenegro, Budva is known as the world’s largest open-air night club!

Once you discover this location you will ask why didn’t go sooner!


“IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has a 4-star hotel situated on the beachfront in Budva. Here, visitors will find all the facilities to make their family vacations in Montenegro a perfect experience.”




ESP_Razones por las que elegir España como destino

· For its coast: Beaches of all kinds and colors scatter our coasts, from large sandy spaces to small and pretty coves. If we add to this the attraction of an average 300 days of sun per year, who could resist?

· For its mountains: Surprise! Surprise! Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe, after Switzerland. Mountains on which to ski, go trekking, enjoy fantastic hotels…

· For the food: Paellas, tapas, cold cuts, cheeses, freshly-caught fish… not to mention the fact that we boast the best restaurant in the world. El Bulli of Ferrán Adrià has passed on the baton to the Catalan Celler de Can Roca!

· Roman ruins and Arabic palaces by the score: What was once the old Hispania left us incredible Roman ruins throughout the peninsula. Some, in fact, such as the Roman Theater of Mérida, are still used for performances during its Festival of Theater. The Arabs governed Al-Ándalus for almost 800 years and their influence is seen in everything, from the language to some of the most famous places in Spain, such as Granada’s Alhambra.

· Local fiestas famous worldwide: Bunyol’s Tomatina and Pamplona’s San Fermin attract more than 100,000 visitors in search of a good time each year!

· Amazing cathedrals and thousand-year-old mosques: Gaudi’s modern masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia, and the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela are international pilgrimage sites. Not to mention the Mosque of Córdoba, one of its kind in Europe and a World Heritage Site since 1984.

· Fun water parks: The best known and most incredible is Lago Martiánez, an oasis of sea water, palm trees and volcanic rock in Tenerife; it is a real work of art!

· Free food when you order a drink: Serving a tasty bite to eat when someone simply orders a beer or a glass of wine is a purely Spanish custom. Particularly in the small cities, it is perfectly possible to dine simply by ordering drinks.

· You can eat meat grilled on a volcano: On the volcanic island of Lanzarote you can spend the morning climbing the volcano in Timanfaya National Park and later enjoy a meal cooked over an open volcanic chimney.

· And the incomparable Mediterranean style: It is much more than the myth of the siesta. The culture of long family meals, relaxing Sundays, summer vacations on the coast just a bike ride away, beers on terraces… it is undoubtedly a lifestyle with many followers.


And there are sure to be many, many more reasons that make Spain the ideal vacation destination!


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Tenerife is known as the island of eternal spring, because its climate is moderate, temperate and very gentle at any time of the year, with no periods of notable coldness or stifling heat. Therefore, you are assured an ideal temperature at any time of year, as well as a romantic setting framed by the sea.

Are you thinking of getting married?  Do you want an unforgettable, unique and wonderful day? Do you want to be assured a perfect day with ideal weather? Then, without doubt, Tenerife has to be your choice if you want this day to be an image you will never forget!

In any of the IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts establishments in Tenerife you can celebrate the wedding you have always dreamed of. Nothing can compare to a wedding in front of the sea, in an unbeatable setting, with amazing gardens exquisitely decorated for the occasion, delicious catering and an experienced and prepared service for the occasion.

A team of professionals will be responsible for all the details so that the preparation of the event does not prove to be a headache for you and so that on your wedding day all you have to worry about is enjoying your day. They will ensure that the celebration is just as you have always dreamed. What more could you ask for?


“The IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts group has 7 hotels on the isle of Tenerife. These 4 and 5-star hotel complexes enjoy spectacular locations in Tenerife, on the ocean’s edge and in peaceful and relaxed areas to offer their guests the best services and the most fulfilling vacation possible in the Canaries.” In addition, these hotels in Tenerife boast a developed program of leisure and entertainment which is geared towards all guests and is sure to suit all tastes.”


MED_Siempre brilla el sol en Hammamet

Whatever time of year you head to experience the beaches of the Tunisian coast, you will find golden sand, waters with an incredible deep blue tone and a sun that shines practically 365 days a year. In the north, a coast of crystal-clear waters whose beaches are surrounded by vegetation and mountains with stunning cliffs lie in wait to amaze you. In contrast, the southern coast’s charm lies in its desert surroundings.

The beaches of Hammamet are the best known in Tunisia, and are situated 60 minutes from the capital. Their sand is white and their waters are warm. These beaches are highly regarded by fans of diving due to the wealth of their seabeds.  Sun, dinners in the open air and nightclubs make up a lifestyle in Hammamet, the Saint Tropez of Tunisia. Situated in the fertile peninsula of Cap Bon, this spa town facing the bay is surrounded by green hills and lemon trees. When you are not enjoying the sun and sand, take a look at the local pottery in the markets or take a wander around the medina (the old town), whose walls date back to 1500. The city is enlivened with the festival fever and offers a wide range of music and theater.

Hammamet is an excellent base from which to discover the wonders of its surrounding areas: thousand-year-old cities, picture-postcard villages and stunning remains.


The excellent location of the IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts establishments in Hammamet are the best opportunity to truly experience a country with great culture and natural beauty.”