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On August 30, the Basketball World Cup, this year held in Spain for the second time (the Spanish having hosted in 1986), gets underway. The teams from the United States, Argentina, the Philippines, Serbia, France and Spain, among many others, will go head to head for the trophy.

If you are not going to be able to attend the matches, we propose enjoying this prestigious tournament from home, preparing a delicious and refreshing Spanish sangria. This is how you make it!


-        1 liter of red wine

-        2 fresh peaches

-        1 apple

-        1 pear

-        Half a fresh pineapple

-        2 lemons

-        1 orange

-        1 cup of brandy

-        4 dessert spoons of sugar

-        Nutmeg

-        1/2 liter of fizzy water or club soda


Take a large container and pour in the red wine; then take the juice from one of the lemons and mix it with the wine. Add an orange and a lemon sliced into wedges; dice all the fruit and add it to the container with the wine. Dissolve the sugar in warm water so that is melts a little and add it to the wine. Finally, add the brandy and the nutmeg and stir everything well. Leave to rest for 2 to 3 hours to awaken the flavor of the fruit. To serve, finish off each glass of sangria with some ice cubes and a little fizzy water or club soda.

Don’t forget to make the tournament a bit more interesting with a predictions league among your friends. In it, you don’t just have to guess which team will win each match but also by how many points. Another way of doing it is to say how many quarters each team is going to win (for example, three quarters for Spain and one for the United States).

Wait and see, with your predictions league, your sangria and your friends, your basketball nights will be unforgettable.


Bulgarian cuisine is amazingly varied and tasty. You are likely to find many salads, products made with flour, stews, as well as specific dishes which can only be eaten in some parts of the country. Many of the traditional dishes are prepared following old recipes, passed down from generation to generation.

Two of the products for which Bulgaria is famous worldwide are yogurt and white cheese, which never let you down for breakfasts and afternoon snacks. But Bulgarians do not live by yogurt alone! For example, banitsa”, a puff pastry pie with multiple fillings, is one of the most popular delicacies. Other star items both for breakfast and afternoon snacks are crepes, buhti, a type of fried bread roll, and mekitsi, a type of fried flour-pastry pancake with a taste similar to Spanish churros.

Vegetables have an excellent flavor in Bulgaria, hence their level of importance in the cuisine. The salads on a Bulgarian menu never let you down either, the best known is the “shopska” but there are many others. The broths, soups, and stews are also very popular in the country, try the bob chorba if you get the chance!

Among the great dishes, one of the most popular meals are those prepared on the grill: pork medallions, croquettes or the karnache, which is a very fine, rolled-up type of cold cut. In Bulgaria they also prepare stews in clay pots; for example,chomlek”, “kavarma and kapama among others.

You can try various types of cold cuts and items from the delicatessen. Some of the most famous are sudzhuk”, “old Banskoand the Elena leg”, made with salted pork and set out to dry. A real delight!

And this is just a small sample of the country’s culinary culture. To experience the magic of traditional Bulgarian food you must explore the whole country, because each region conserves its own traditions and offers varied recipes, but all of them constitute typical Bulgarian food.

If you come to Sofia and want to try the delicious traditional Bulgarian cuisine, visit Pod Lipite restaurant. Traditional flavor, quality in all the ingredients and a warm atmosphere. What more could you ask for?!


The IBEROSTAR Sunny Beach Resort is an all-inclusive 4-star hotel complex on the Black Sea. This hotel, located on the shore of Sunny Beach, is the perfect option for visiting Bulgaria on a family vacation. “



Gravatal is a town in the state of Santa Catarina, 130 kilometers from Florianópolis. Gravatal conserves the charm of the architectural and cultural characteristics of its colonization by the Portuguese, the Italians and the Germans. The city conceals its former volcanic activity, basaltic lava and thermal water, which has a flow of 2,000 liters per minute at a temperature of 37 ºC. The paradise for all those seeking rest, relaxation and well-being on a physical and mental level.

The origins of tourism in the thermal waters of Gravatal are down to Pedro Zappelini, an Italian whose family arrived in the city between 1880 and 1885. Zeppelini appreciated being able to swim in the river, even in winter, and decided to buy the land, which belonged to a German family. After various studies and tests, it was discovered that the waters of Gravatal possessed great therapeutic powers. With great determination, he changed the course of the river channel and became the master of the “valley of miracles”, the name the locals gave to the place due to the astonishing healings of illnesses that were considered chronic.

But Gravatal does not only provide relaxation, there are also adventure tourism activities on offer in the zone, such as gliding, long walks, mountain biking and the little ones can enjoy a fantastic water park while their parents relax. The city is also rich in places of historical interest; the church of São Sebastião, the Gruta Nossa Senhora da Saúde and the Santuario Do Sagrado Coracao De Jesus are sites you must visit. The city offers great infrastructure for leisure and entertainment, as well as various shopping malls and stores selling typical and handcrafted products. If you want to explore the stretch between Tiburón and Urussanga in a strange way, there is nothing like taking the little steam train, Raid the Rail, a top tourist attraction.

The areas surrounding Gravatal are also of great interest. The mountains and the south coast of Santa Catarina have many attractions which are worth visiting. The Serra do Rio do Rastro mountain range, the city of São Joaquim and the historical Laguna Beach are some of the places of interest close to Gravatal.




Brazil conceals a world of endless natural and cultural treasures that are waiting to be discovered. The  IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts in Brazil offer the utmost comfort and most complete services so that entire families can enjoy their stay in Brazil to the full.”



Fuerteventura is the best island for surfing in the Canaries archipelago. And its most famous beach is Playa Blanca, the location of choice of many locals to enjoy the sea and sun. But more than anyone else, surfers will love it! Its weather conditions – with quite a strong wind – make it the ideal place for practicing water sports such as windsurfing.

Playa Blanca is not the only beach within the municipality of Puerto del Rosario. There are others, such as El Matorral, Puerto Lajas and Los Molinos, which also possess all the services you need.

However, Playa Blanca, which stretches 875 meters in length, is the most popular, and this cannot be for nothing! You can reach it with great ease, including by bus, which saves money on car rental. Once at the beach, it is easy to get used to its sand. Since it is in a zone open to the Atlantic, with no obstacles in the way, it is very common that the wind increases the swell. It is precisely this wind which creates the conditions that delight fans of sports like surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

If you have never tried these sports, a trip to Fuerteventura is the ideal opportunity to get started, and there are schools and quick courses available all around!

But if surfing does not float your boat, you will still enjoy this tranquil beach just as much. The “surfing” zone is the north, if you go to the south of the beach you will enjoy all the tranquility in the world. It is spacious, with blond sand, and perfect for relaxing and long walks; what is more, it is far from crowded, forget fighting to find a space in the sand to lay down your towel, there is room aplenty! It is totally equipped with all the commodities and also boasts a blue flag.

Do you fancy it?


IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has 3 resorts in Fuerteventura, all located in front of the Jandía beach, in the south of the island. “For those looking for the perfect spot for a couple’s escape or a family vacation on Jandía Beach, the IBEROSTAR hotels in Fuerteventura boast an excellent location as well as facilities geared towards fun and relaxation. “



Since colonial times, the Mexican Pacific coast has been influenced by the most refined European cuisine, it has received spices from Asia, and the age-old techniques of the local cuisine have brought about a gastronomy with a unique and special touch.

Going out for a meal in the Riviera Nayarit is an experience like no other. From traditional cuisine which offers fresh products from the region, to delights of gourmet cuisine, the wide variety of flavors you will encounter in the Riviera Nayarit have something in common: they are all excellent!

It does not matter if you are eating out at a taco stand or in a gourmet restaurant with a Cinco Tenedores (Five Forks) rating, the flavors of the Riviera Nayarit are sure to amaze your palate.  What is more, the variety is infinite. You can enjoy wonders of local, traditional cuisine and delicacies of international cuisine.

The Riviera Nayarit stands out in the quality of the service offered by its many hotels and restaurants: the warmth and friendliness of its people together with quality, cleanliness and a selection of fresh, healthy and delicious products make up a menu which is just waiting to be discovered.

In Punta Mita we must highlight restaurants like the Cafe des Artistes del Mar, a gourmet bistro restaurant of the acclaimed chef Thierry Blouet, specializing in fish and shellfish, as well as products from the region to create a delicious cuisine d’auteur. If you are looking for something more informal, we recommend El Dorado, a casual restaurant at the foot of the beach, with a tropical style, which offers delicious specialties like pescado sarandeado (a grilled fish dish). And if you want authentic Mexican cooking with a contemporary touch and impeccable service, do not miss the Rosa Mexicano restaurant. Its menu includes traditional guacamole, prepared on the table, as it should be!


“IBEROSTAR Hotels and Resorts has a 5-star hotel in the Riviera Nayarit region. The distinctive architecture of the all-inclusive IBEROSTAR Playa Mita, makes it not only a new IBEROSTAR destination but also a new and tempting opportunity for you.”



In recent years Bulgaria has become one of the preferred destinations of people in search of something new and exotic, without having to give up the Mediterranean. Its calm coast allows you to enjoy vacations with sun and sand as a family or couple with no worries: unspoiled coves, small towns full of history, natural parks and theme parks for the kids… The leisure offer is endless.

Sunny Beach is the most renowned tourist center in Bulgaria and its surrounding regions, and is known as the Black Sea Riviera. A wonderful bay facing east and protected from the northerly winds by the mountains, surrounded by towns and cities which are well worth experiencing and enjoying: Burgas, with its vibrant cultural life; Sozopol from which to visit the nearby St. Ivan Island and its extraordinary Byzantine monastery; the unspoiled Irakli with is magnificent beaches within a natural park; St. Vlas and its romantic and vibrant coast; Varna, the capital of Bulgarian summer; and Golden Sands, a genuine paradise for family vacations.

The whole Sunny Beach area has been especially designed for enjoyment: beaches on which to relax and enjoy all kinds of water sports; restaurants in which to delight in the best local and international cuisine, such as the Fat Café, the Bombay Grill or The Castle; spots to head to at night to dance until sunrise, such as the Dance Club Mania or Lazur and Orange nightclubs; tours on a pirate ship; bodyflight; excursions on quads; paintball; and go-kart racing.

Whatever your idea of unforgettable vacations, you will find it all here!


“IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has a 4-star all-inclusive complex just a few meters from the Black Sea: the IBEROSTAR Sunny Beach Resort. Its facilities are geared towards providing vacations full of rest and relaxation, making this hotel the perfect option to discover Bulgaria during some family vacations.”



Hemingway arrived in Cuba in the first fortnight of April 1928. From here, together with Pauline Pfeiffer, his second wife, he made the crossing to Cayo Hueso, where he completed A Farewell to Arms. He returned in 1932 to fish marlin in Cuban waters. He went back in 1933 and wrote the first of his Cuban-based chronicles. From that point on he never left this “long, beautiful, unhappy island”, as he called Cuba in Green Hills of Africa.

The more than two decade stay of the American writer Ernest Hemingway in Havana remains a puzzle to followers of his work on the island and across the world. His house in Finca Vigía, the marlin fishing tournaments in the northern coastal town of  Cojímar, the places in which he left his mark, such as La Bodeguita del Medio or the Floridita bar-restaurant where he would enjoy a daiquiri, record his steps through Cuba. In fact, the author is attributed with one of the most famous variations of the daiquiri on offer in this establishment: the “Papa Hemingway”, which, unlike the original recipe, does not contain sugar, but instead grapefruit juice, marashino liqueur and a double measure of rum, as well as lemon juice. The walls of La Bodeguita del Medio are full of dedications and photos of satisfied clients and celebrities who have visited the establishment. The most famous is a short and laconic phrase of Ernest Hemingway: “My mojito in La Bodeguita, my daiquirí in El Floridita. December 1954″.

But although Hemingway was a regular in the bars, his great passion was fishing; and the town of Cojímar is where his yacht, “El Pilar”, was anchored. There he met Gregorio Fuentes, a fisherman who became his best friend and who inspired the character of his novel The Old Man and the Sea, the piece which won him the Pulitzer Prize, which was followed by the deserved Nobel Prize in Literature.

The Ambos Mundos hotel is famous because Ernest Hemingway lived in it for long periods in the 1930s. Following the homage paid to him in Cuba, his room, room 511, is kept as it was when he used it, even with some personal objects and a typewriter.

In his Finca Vigía, where he lived intermittently for more than 20 years, he left his portable Royal, the graves of his dogs, 50 cats and the nine thousand volumes which he accumulated throughout his life and which many years later would make García Márquez remark: “What a strange library this man had!” When he died, Hemingway’s will was read in Havana. Among other legacies, he transferred the property of Finca Vigía to the Cuban state. The old writer, so reluctant to have other writers in his house, wanted the land to be converted into a meeting place for young intellectuals and artists. He also wanted a center of botanical studies to be run there.  In the end, the house was turned into a museum which is well worth a visit.


IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts boasts a large number of hotels scattered across various parts of the island of Cuba. From the best known, such as Varadero, to areas such as Trinidad or the majestic capital of Havana which, while less tourist-oriented, are no less appealing. The hotels‘ surroundings are spectacular, with fine golden-sand beaches, nature spots and highly significant buildings in the history of Cuba. ”



In summer, Spain is an intoxicating destination. Sun-kissed areas boast a joyful and fun spirit and warm, naturally beautiful places await you in every corner of this country. The good weather arrives and you cannot help but think about your perfect get-away: going to the beach, one of the most common desires in our country. And here we present the top picks on our coasts.

On the Costa de la Luz, come what may, you will enjoy your beach escape, but if you love water sports, particularly those which involve riding the waves, such as windsurfing or kitesurfing, this will be your favorite piece of the coast! Tarifa is the mecca of all fanatics of the wind and the waves. The most famous beaches of Tarifa are Los Lances, Bolonia and Valdequeros. Get there! Some more tranquil beaches which will steal your heart can be found in Sanlúcar de Barrameda and San Fernando.

What can be said of the famous Costa del Sol, which we have not mentioned yet?! The Costa del Sol is a benchmark of our coasts. Spacious beaches with warm waters, added to the comfortable hotels and select golf courses have turned the Costa del Sol into the ideal beach destination for leisure, relaxation and the pleasure of enjoying life in the open air. Marbella, La Malaqueta, San Andrés, Torremolinos, Estepona… a never-ending list of top-class beaches!

The Canary Islands have pleasant temperatures all year round, which allow you to enjoy a unique volcanic landscape and amazing beaches and coves. All of the islands which make the Canary Community have incredible beaches, which makes it very difficult to list them all. To name but a few we propose Maspalomas and Las Canteras in Las Palmas; El Charco Azul in El Hierro; the Playa del Inglés of La Gomera; Papagayo and Playa Grande in Lanzarote; El Charcón in Fuerteventura; and El Arenal in Tenerife.

And the same is true of the Balearic Islands, where the number of beaches and coves is infinite; in Ibiza, we could highlight Cala Salada, Cala Conta, Cala Vadella and Cala de San Vicente to once again name but a few. And from Ibiza you have to go to Formentera; all of Formentera is a beach! In Majorca there Es Trenc, La Rápita, all the beaches in Artá, La Calobra and Cala Varques. In Menorca do not miss Cala Turqueta, Macarella, Cala Galdana and Cala Pregonda. And it would, of course, be unforgivable to neglect a visit to the island of Cabrera!

In short, we encourage you to lose yourself on both archipelagos because the possibilities are endless.


IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts brings you closer to the best tourist destinations in Spain, with hotels in the main areas of Andalusia, the Canary Islands and Majorca.”


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Stop watching the television, set down that book you are wrapped up in just for a moment, take a break from your stressful routine, take a map, close your eyes and blindly pick a destination. Bulgaria? Rome? Jamaica? Rio de Janeiro? It does not matter. Go to your travel agent or get online and make your booking. Now, within a month or, if there is no other way, when your boss will let you… but travel and do not stop to think about it. There will always be an excuse to stay at home; lots of work in the office, money, the kids, laziness, the dentist… Think no more, there are things that that are worse when thought about and you should not think about trips, you should experience them!

Even though you hate the queues and being a conformist tourist, you get seasick, you tremble with fear on a plane, you even hate the vacations themselves – or precisely because you hate vacations – travel! Get going! Get out of that routine you are trapped in!

There is absolutely nothing better than discovering things, people and new places. There are still mountains to conquer, islands to discover and beaches to explore across the length and breadth of the world. There are still exotic delicacies that you have never sampled, languages you have never heard and ancient cultures that you did not even know existed.

In traveling you will fill your suitcase with the smiles of people you will never forget, with foreign landscapes, pirates’ treasures, priceless experiences and culture; basically, it will be full of wisdom, with a capital ‘W’.

Pack your case!


IBEROSTAR Hotels&Resorts is present in 16 countries across the world. Enjoy the more than 100 hotels that IBEROSTAR places at your disposal.”


 First Superfan Surprise Kicks-off with Toni Nadal Visit


Madrid, Spain (July 31, 2014) – Today, IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts announced the debut of Superfan IBEROSTAR, which aims to thank and reward the loyalty of the Spanish hospitality chain’s most devoted and special clients. The launch of this new initiative kicked off with Toni Nadal, world-recognized coach of tennis pro Rafael Nadal. Along with IBEROSTAR, the two forces joined to reward Ildefonso Sánchez, an 89-year-old guest who has enjoyed more than 25 vacations at the IBEROSTAR Royal Andalus in Spain, and who is also a self-proclaimed fan of Toni Nadal.


IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has a 42% base of repeat clients with an average of three stays. From this group, a small portion exceeds twenty stays, and proves to be genuine ambassadors and friends of the brand. Superfan IBEROSTAR will honor these brand-loyal visitors with unique experiences including a reception with a private transfer upon arrival at the airport, an upgrade and exclusive VIP treatment. Among all those Superfan clients, IBEROSTAR will choose five of the most unique and incredible stories related with the brand. In addition to the complimentary services, a day of surprise will be arranged for them, accommodating their personal tastes and interests.


“The Superfan IBEROSTAR initiative marks a crucial point in our commitment to our clients. We think it’s important to reward some of our most loyal guests and to return the affection that they have demonstrated to IBEROSTAR and all those who work here,” said Luis Hérault, Chief Marketing Officer at IBEROSTAR. “Our first Superfan is Ildefonso Sánchez, and more will be joining him over the next five years. To achieve this, we are working with our hotels around the world to identify clients who stand out with their loyalty and extraordinary gestures towards the brand.”



Every Christmas, Mr. Sánchez sends warm wishes to the IBEROSTAR staff, thanking them for their continued dedication to guest service. Overwhelmed by his support, the IBEROSTAR hotel manager gifted Mr. Sánchez with the iconic IBEROSTAR hat, identical to the item worn by Toni Nadal on the tennis court as part of an existing partnership with the brand. Earlier this year, Mr. Sánchez misplaced his iconic IBEROSTAR hat and wrote a letter to the CEO to share his upsetting loss. The rest is history with IBEROSTAR choosing Mr. Sánchez as the first Superfan IBEROSTAR with a series of surprises, which awaited him during his recent stay. His trip concluded in the ultimate moment—a meet and greet with Toni Nadal, where he gave Mr. Sánchez a newly-signed IBEROSTAR hat.


Following the success of the first Superfan IBEROSTAR, the company will continue the program and is currently working on selecting future candidates. Each surprise experience will be personalized based on the emotional connection that the Superfan IBEROSTAR has to the brand.


Note for the editor:

Via this link you can see a video with all the details of the new project and the tribute to Ildefonso Sánchez as the first Superfan IBEROSTAR.



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