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ESP_Terrazas  para tocar el cielo de Madrid_2

The typical saying “from Madrid to the sky … and a little hole to look back” means that once you have seen Madrid, there is nothing left on Earth to catch your interest. It is not an overstatement. The sky of Madrid has been portrayed by all types of painters, photographers, writers, poets, musicians and artists. This is why once the short, cold winter ends and the warm air starts to set in, the people of Madrid go out to enjoy its terraces. Terraces with a view, roofed terraces on old and new buildings alike, bohemian and cosmopolitan terraces, with restaurants and swimming pools, quiet terraces to enjoy a glass of wine and boisterous terraces featuring their own DJ and plenty of cocktails.

We recommend the roofed terrace of La Cocina de San Antón (Augusto Figueroa, 24. www.lacocinadesananton.com), which besides its restaurant has a lounge area where you can have a nice drink with people from the area and enjoy the colorful buildings of the colorful Chueca quarter. The Tartan Roof (Círculo de Bellas Artes) has a terrace from which you can view the architecture of this old quarter, the Paseo de la Castellana and Paseo del Prado, the Plaza de Cibeles, the impressive Metropolis building and the hustle and bustle of people in the city center.

The disco-terrace at Chill Beach Boadilla (Vereda de los Barros 22, Alcorcon) has absolutely everything: restaurant, swimming pool, Balinese beds, reserved areas, a VIP Zone, Chill Out Zone, great cocktails, cachimba smoking pipes and very good music. The La Terraza de Óscar (Plaza Vázquez de Mella 12) features a swimming pool, chill out sessions at nightfall, brunches and other interesting plans.

You will also love the Terrazas del Thyssen (Paseo del Prado 8): a variety of atmospheres on the same terrace, a good place to catch a bite and try out the nice cocktails. And of course we must recommend the terrace of the hotel IBEROSTAR Las Letras; it has a welcoming and even romantic atmosphere as night falls. Here you can enjoy the view of some of the rooftops from the Gran Vía while having a drink.

Who ever said that Madrid had nothing to offer in the summer months?


“The Hotel IBEROSTAR Las Letras Gran Vía is an avant-garde hotel on the Gran Vía in Madrid, conveying the personality of a home for writers with suggestive services such as the informal haute cuisine, rooms with a Jacuzzi on the terrace, gymnasium, nearby parking (at a charge) and Wi-Fi & Walk, among others. Thanks to its excellent location in Madrid, the Hotel IBEROSTAR Las Letras Gran Vía is an excellent starting point to enjoy the theaters and musicals on the Gran Vía, the museums in Madrid, the old streets in the Las Letras Quarter … Stay at a hotel with special charm at the Gran Vía in Madrid. The Hotel IBEROSTAR Las Letras Gran Vía is waiting for you.”


When most Europeans are on vacation, Brazil experiences its low season. And while this might seem an inconvenience, it turns out to be a great advantage! It is true that there are areas of the country which, if you are not a lover of rain and low temperatures, it is best to avoid. But many others come more than recommended, and moreover, you will not bump into tourists at every turn, the prices in hotels, bars, restaurants etc. will be lower, and that is always welcome, right?

Those who do not chase beaming sunshine every day, prefer cooler temperatures and are not bothered by a bit of rain can head to the south and southeast of the country.  A visit to the Serras (Rio Grande do Sul) and the canyos (Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina) regions come highly recommended to enjoy an amazing mountainous landscape with low temperatures. This time of year also lends itself to a peaceful visit to the Cidades Históricas (historical cities) in Minas Gerais and the captivating Lençóis Maranhenses.

Fortaleza and Jericoacoara are finishing their rainy season, so add them to your list of recommended places, too. The Pantanal is in the middle of its dry season and you will love the island of Fernando de Noronha under the August light! Also bear in mind that throughout the coastline of Bahia, Manaus and the Amazon rainforest it rains much less at this time.

The less advisable places to go in August are the beaches of Río Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina (Florianópolis) and Paraná (Ilha do Mel), as it can be very cold. Visiting Iguazú can also be deceptive as, depending on the intensity of the winter, the flow of the river as it passes the waterfalls can be rather low, so it is best left for when it is in its full state of splendor!


Brazil conceals a world of endless natural and cultural treasures that are waiting to be discovered. The IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts in Brazil offer the utmost comfort and most complete services so that entire families can enjoy their stay in Brazil to the full.”




Punta de Mita, an incredible peninsula with nearly 10 kilometers of virgin beaches and hills covered in lush vegetation, located in the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico, has become one of the world’s most prominent luxury tourism destinations. This is basically due to its incredible geographic location, literally on the Pacific Ocean, making any activity an unforgettable experience with the turquoise blue waters merging with the blue sky.

This land, formerly occupied by fishermen and artisans, has morphed and now welcomes travelers looking for exclusive luxury in privileged surroundings, away from the bustle of city life and in facilities where every last detail is taken care of and the cuisine is a delight for the most demanding taste.

Punta de Mita boasts one of the most exclusive golf courses in the world: the Punta Mita Pacífico. This golf course, designed by Jack Nicklaus, has a hole known as the Whale Tail, the only 3b type hole in the world. It is located on a natural island 199 yards away from the tee, right by the beach, making it a mandatory visit for expert golfers. There is also a second golf course likewise designed by Nicklaus, the Punta Mita Bahía: 18 holes in the midst of hills and surrounded by exotic gardens.

As you could expect at any golfing destination, there are plenty of shops with sports materials, locker rooms, driving ranges and golf classes taught by professionals, and everything else a golf lover may need.

The cuisine and entertainment are well provided for in this paradise. Many restaurants offer gourmet delicacies, spa facilities and select cocktail bars where you can enjoy unforgettable evenings in this paradise of fine sand and rocky formations.


For food lovers: The restaurant offer in Punta de Mita is extensive, among which you can find several original dishes, such as prawns in tequila cream or with a honey and garlic sauce.


IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has an extraordinary hotel in Punta de Mita offering luxury and entertainment for families and couples wishing to spend their vacation in Mexico. The IBEROSTAR Punta Mita, a 5-star hotel, All Inclusive, is located in a privileged setting on the seaside, with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and its natural surroundings.”

BRA_Un magnífico desierto de dunas blancas y lagunas

Lençóis Maranhenses is surely one of the most wonderful places in Brazil. If we add to its undisputed beauty the fact that mass tourism has not reached the region, we have the perfect tourist destination. The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in the state of Maranhão spreads over 300 square kilometers of white dunes and lagoons that can be defined as one of the most fascinating places on earth.

The sand dunes spread from the coast, reaching over 50 km inland and resembling a white sheet of sand that gives the region its name: Lençóis Maranhenses. The essential places you have to visit are the Lençóis near Barreirinhas, the Pequenos Lençóis, on the road to Atins; Caburé, Atins and the Lençóis near Atins. The Lençóis may also be visited starting at Santo Amaro, on the western side of the park, although the journey may be long.

Visiting this desert may seem complicated but it isn’t, because the people in the humble towns around it are used to receiving tourists and have adapted, welcoming anyone who visits them. Barreirinhas, for instance, has many hostels, restaurants where you can eat the typical dishes of the region, and there are also shops selling typical handicrafts. Prior to its becoming a National Park the locals lived isolated from the modern world. Today they live simply and maintain their old customs, fishing in the rainy season and working along the park boundaries in the dry season.

The best season for visiting the Lençóis is between June and September, when the rainy season ends and the lagoons are filled with water. Rainfall is scarce from September to the end of the year and many of the lagoons dry up completely. The rainy season begins in January and is very intensive from February to May, which is when the lagoons are filled with water.


Important tip: Careful with the sun, which is relentless. You need plenty of sunscreen when visiting the Lençóis and you also need plenty of water, because there is nowhere to buy any.


“The hotels in Brazil of IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts allow tourists to experience irresistible emotion during their vacation in Brazil. The excellent location of IBEROSTAR hotels in Salvador da Bahia and the Grand Amazon Hotel Ship with its mooring point in Manaus provide a unique opportunity to visit the most beautiful places in the country.”


ESP_Málaga lo tiene todo

A privileged geographic location, mild weather all year round, some of the best golf courses in Europe, the most beautiful beaches and the legendary Costa del Sol, with Puerto Banús as the choice destination of the rich and famous from all over the world—Malaga boasts a 160 kilometer coastline. The Mediterranean Sea washes the banks of 14 towns in the province of Malaga. You can find hidden corners surrounded by pure nature as well as consolidated tourist areas. The eastern and western parts of the province feature attractive beaches that have made the Costa del Sol one of the premium travel destinations in the world.

Nature, beaches, culture, traditions, the warm nature of the people, towns right by the sea and its inland charm—the province of Malaga has landscapes and cultural wealth that won’t easily be forgotten. There are large beaches with all the services you may need and hidden coves in the midst of nature. Sun, culture, nature, gastronomy, history, tradition, modernity and luxury… the province of Malaga has every imaginable landscape, many contrasts and a virtually unlimited tourist offer.



IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has two 4-star resorts in Malaga: the IBEROSTAR Marbella Coral Beach Hotel, in Marbella, and the IBEROSTAR Málaga Playa Hotel, in Torrox-Costa. Both have perfect facilities for couples or families with children on vacation in Malaga, where you can enjoy wellness areas, gardens, swimming pools, live entertainment, the best of the local and international cuisine and a great sports offer on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.”


The filmmaker Wim Wenders recently filmed the documentary The Salt of the Earth, a feature film dedicated to the life and work of the Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado (Aymorés, Minas Gerais. 1944). In the 1970s, Sebastião Salgado held a degree in Economics and was preparing his doctoral dissertation in Paris, working for the International Coffee Organization in several projects alongside the World Bank. He then made a life-changing decision: he bade his former life farewell to embrace the art of photography. Thus began the legend of the great social photographer.

With his camera he has photographed the best and the worst of the world and the best and worst of humankind. He has been at wars and captured the consequences of famine; he has discovered landscapes that few human beings (at least from the Western world) will ever enjoy and visited tribes that barely communicate with the outer world.

Salgado, after experiencing the worst of human nature in Rwanda, decided to move away a bit in this century to consider Nature at large. He supported the ‘Instituto Terra’, which planted two and a half million trees in the Atlantic forest that had been destroyed in his family estate. “At first we thought it was folly, but incredibly it changed everything. It showed that it is important to do whatever you can in your surroundings.”

The 40 years spent lugging around his camera are reflected in this wonderful documentary by the directors (his son, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, and the German master Wim Wenders), combining footage of the travels of the Brazilian genius and sequences of Salgado himself facing the camera and speaking of his travails.


Official trailer:





Brazil harbors endless natural and cultural treasures that are waiting to be discovered. IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts in Brazil offer you the greatest comfort and complete service for the whole family to thoroughly enjoy their stay in Brazil.”



ESP_La impactante belleza de Cala Deià

In Mallorca, alongside the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range and right below the town of Deià, one of the quaintest towns of Mallorca and Spain, which has been or is the home of personalities such as Ramón Llull, the Archduke Luis Salvador, Robert Graves, Mike Oldfield, Bob Geldof and Richard Branson, there is a little namesake cove, Cala Deià.

Cala Deià is a spectacular cove surrounded by cliffs with bushes and pine trees, ending in a semi-circular beach into which a brook flows and featuring beautiful cultivated terraces.

This little cove with its pebbles, surrounded by old houses and a pier, along with a seaside bar almost bathed by the Mediterranean will surely be a delight you won’t forget.

The best thing to do is bathe in the cool, clean, transparent waters, an unforgettable experience in Mallorca.


Ca’s Patró March is a beachside house of stone and wood used as an eating place in a luxury location: a terrace overlooking a cliff with nothing to block the view, and simple seaside dishes: freshly caught fish, salad and good wines.



“The hotels in Mallorca of IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts offer visitors the most irresistible emotions that can be experienced on the largest of the Balearic Islands. The excellent location of the IBEROSTAR hotels in Mallorca, distributed in different parts of the island, provides an incomparable opportunity to discover all its secrets.”




 CAR_Las refrescantes cataratas del río Dunns

The Dunn’s River Falls, near Ocho Rios, are a Caribbean treasure and one of the main tourist destinations in Jamaica. They flow into the Caribbean Sea, being among the few waterfalls in the world that flow directly into the ocean.

Thousands of tourists visit these waterfalls every year but this should not discourage you, because it is a sin to go to Jamaica and not visit this natural treasure. If you don’t want to run into a lot of people it is best to go first thing in the morning or just before closing time in the afternoon—they are open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Spaniards called the area Las Chorreras and the name eventually became Ocho Rios, as a reference to the rivers in the area, which are actually four rather than eight. These waterfalls are said to have been the place where a great battle was fought in 1657 between the English and the Spaniards, who sailed in from neighboring Cuba and wanted to conquer the island. The English emerged victorious and the battlefield ended up in private hands and became the Belmont Estate, which in the 1970s was administrated by the government and became a place of recreation.

These 183 meter waterfalls must be climbed by stepping from stone to stone and bathing suits are recommended, or any clothes that you don’t mind wetting. Footwear with a grip is likewise advisable. Throughout the climb, which is not complicated, you will come across several ponds in which you can take a swim. The steps used to climb up the falls may seem artificial because of how well they are placed but they are completely natural, being the result of the water erosion.

The Dunn’s River Falls are a refreshing experience that you won’t want to miss when visiting Jamaica.


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MED_Costumbres marroquíes que conviene observar_2

Morocco warmly welcomes its visitors, but you must remember that Moroccan customs are quite different from those of the western World, therefore we should respect them.

These are the most important ones:

· Most mosques and temples may only be visited by Muslims but there are some exceptions. You must be dressed appropriately, without wearing anything provocative.

· When visitors are invited to a meal at a home they must wash their hands first and are not to start eating until after the owner of the home has prayed the ‘bismillah’ in praise of God.

· Throughout the month of Ramadan, it is best not to eat, drink or smoke out in public areas during hours of daylight.

· Before taking a picture, it is best to respectfully ask for permission. This applies to virtually every tourist destination in Morocco.

· Men often walk hand in hand out in the street. This is a sign of friendship.

· Normally things do not have a set price. Haggling is customary throughout the Kingdom.

· Although there are exceptions, most restaurants do not sell alcoholic beverages. Drinking out in the street is considered disrespectful.

· Between relatives and friends, greetings consist of three kisses on the cheek. When offering your hand for a handshake, make sure it’s your right hand. The left hand is meant for other hygiene-related purposes.

· When entering a home in Morocco you must remove your shoes. This has to do with taking care of carpets, which are a highly prized possession in Moroccan households.

· Mint tea is a symbol of hospitality so you should be grateful and accept it when offered. It is excellent—it is a pleasure to drink it rather than an obligation.

· When eating you should use your right hand and it is advisable to try a bit of every dish, because Moroccan cuisine is excellent. Food is abundant so it is not obligatory to wipe the dish clean!


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CAR_La playa casi virgen de Rincón

Playa Rincón is an almost virgin beach located in Las Galeras, Dominican Republic, and considered by many as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. The harmonious combination of its crystal clears waters, light sand and palm trees make it something like heaven on earth. It has a certain wild air about it due to the abundant algae and fallen tree trunks along the coast. This 2 kilometer beach with its bay is a rarity because of the lack of hotels or other developments. Still unexploited, for those who enjoy history it could be reminiscent of what the Spanish sailors who discovered the New World first saw when setting foot on this land: transparent waters, huge coconut trees, lush vegetation and pure white sand.

From Samaná you can head to Playa Rincón driving along the road leading to Las Galeras, or you can go along the mountains on horseback. Another adventure-filled alternative is going by boat, with the experience of arriving by sea!

Playa Rincón is a beach worthy of a postcard, a spectacular place to rest and indulge in its beauty.



“The hotels in the Dominican Republic of IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts take visitors to the most beautiful parts of the island thanks to the 6 luxury complexes in Bayahibe, Playa Bávaro and Puerto Plata. Their excellent location allows guests to travel and discover the many secrets the island has to offer.”